accelerate business - delivering speed and control with private cloud

In business, speed is everything.

In business, control is everything.

These have always been the two forces driving business IT. The problem is, how to balance both?

The performance of business is, in a very real sense, determined by the performance of the IT systems that support that business. If the interest rate or some other key input changes, the insurer that can update its systems faster than its competitors has a key advantage, which will manifest itself very visibly in the bottom line.

What has held businesses back from moving as fast as possible is the need for control. When IT changes can have momentous consequences in the real world, companies need to ensure that only correct changes are made. A single configuration error on a core router can potentially take down an entire company's network.

To avoid incorrect changes causing outages, the usual responses have been to introduce more steps and additional oversight in the process - but all this causes friction, which reduces speed enormously. A 2012 Forrester survey commissioned by BMC Software reported that it still took most companies' IT departments an average of six weeks to deliver complete services ready for use by the business. This is despite many significant technological advances over the years - and the reason is the lack of holistic visibility and oversight into the end-to-end process.

Cloud computing promises the speed of delivery that the business requires, but can it also grant adequate control? One way to avoid the pitfalls of speed without control is for companies to select reliable partners to work with.

Orange Private Cloud Solutions is a secure, globally available cloud infrastructure solution that enables key IT initiatives to be executed at speed and with greater control, delivering acceleration of business results without any loss of visibility.

This innovative platform is powered by some of the biggest names in technology, with Cisco, NetApp and BMC Software working together to implement exactly the sort of IT platform that businesses can rely on. Between them, these three companies have been at the forefront of the enterprise cloud computing market since its inception, and have contributed significantly to its development over the years.

Now, Orange has built an offering that takes the best of these technologies, not to mention its own expertise in data center operations, and is launching it on the market ready for companies to use to accelerate their own initiatives.

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Dominic Wellington

Dominic Wellington is BMC's Cloud Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has worked on the largest cloud projects in EMEA, and now he calls on that experience to support new cloud initiatives across the region. Previously Dominic supported BMC's automation sales with direct assistance and enablement throughout EMEA.


Dominic joined BMC Software with the acquisition of BladeLogic, where he started up Southern Europe pre-sales operations. Before BladeLogic, he worked in pre-sales and system administration for Mercury and HP. 


Dominic has studied and worked between Italy, England and Germany.