cloud standardization in a flash [blogbook]

And here we go again for another cloud computing blogbook*: “cloud standardization in a flash”. This time, Jamil Chawki will be the main writer as he’s our standardization king! :-)

why standardizing the cloud?

So what will our head of cloud standardization have to say ?

  1. What are the five main roles of the cloud telco players?
  2. Why do we need to standardize?
  3. Who’s actively contributing to cloud standardization and where do they stand?
  4. What’s the first international cloud portability standard and what about its future?

download the cloud standardization blogbook

If all this rings a bell (or not!), then you can download the cloud standardization in a flash blogbook.

You can also find our other cloud computing blogbooks at our library.



*If you’re still lost about what a blogbook is, it’s a PDF file that gathers our best blog posts around a common theme. You can download it for free and read it online or even print it as a take-away.