Cloud-based services and infrastructures plenary at Huawei Eco-Connect Europe 2019

Orange Business Services has been partnering with Huawei to provide cloud-based services and infrastructures for some time now.

Vice President of the Connectivity Business Unit, Anne-Marie Thiollet, and Deputy CEO and CMO for Cloud Activities at Orange Business Services, Cedric Parent, recently presented a plenary about this partnership at the Huawei Eco-Connect Europe 2019 event.

They spoke about the importance of co-innovation and the coming multi-cloud trends and presented facts, figures and case studies to illustrate their messages.

The presenters shared with the audience about how we are supporting the digital transformation of our customers, especially in the move from the edge to the cloud. They shared the Orange Business Services strong multi-cloud strategy with the audience.

Watch the full in-depth presentation here:

Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

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