Blockchain, robots and swimsuit delivery – logistics will never be the same

In an ever-developing world of electronics and algorithms, it is no surprise that retailers are constantly looking towards new technologies to meet the growing expectations from the global customer.

Robots, predictive analytics, DevOps and even blockchain are all being used by companies to streamline complex logistics tasks that many retailers, e-shops and shipping companies face every day.

Exactly how the swimsuit that you ordered online navigates through the system with the help of all these new third-party logistic tools is a complicated affair. Fortunately, you can wise up on that process in this blog article.

When all these IoT and cloud-based logistics management systems communicate, they turn data into actionable information that helps us maximize productivity and create formerly unknown shortcuts. Proactive information from predictive analytics can help shape advanced planning and guide decision making, such as robots assisting with anything from sorting packages to loading trucks with tetris-like precision.

These different third-party logistics tools work best when they communicate – not only with their human counterparts, but also with each other. This requires a trustworthy cloud and IoT-compatible infrastructure, which is where we at Orange Business can help. We have the expertise, solutions and partners to help you through all the stages of your IoT projects.

If you need the logistics and delivery you offer to retain its competitive edge, then this whitepaper on how to take your business logistics to the next level will interest you. The big question to ask yourself is: How can blockchain, robotics, DevOps and predictive analytics help firms become data-driven and keep pace with customer expectations?

Jette Gry
Jette Gry

I have many years of experience in international B2B marketing and communications in the IT & telecommunications industry. Currently my main focus is on account-based marketing programs for some of our key accounts in Europe and heading up marketing in the Nordic region.