Your trusted digital transformation partner

Our people
Our people accompany you throughout your digital transformation. From our consultants designing solutions to best suit your business needs, through our deployment experts implementing them worldwide, to our customer service, support and management teams who keep everything running optimally.

Global customer care
Our customer care approach combines a global vision with local care. We operate five major service centers (MSCs) in Rio, Cairo, Paris, New Delhi and Mauritius to provide around-the-clock support globally in 32 different languages. To complement our global service centers, our local experts operate in 166 countries. This breadth of knowledge and local support also enable us to reduce the risks and barriers to entry into emerging markets and territories with limited infrastructure.

Business continuity
We have a strong track record in global business continuity planning capabilities to protect your business, uphold performance and minimize impacts of natural disasters, power outages, labor strikes or political upheaval. We have helped our customers overcome a range of political and environmental disasters that threatened their infrastructure, ranging from the Iceland volcano eruption to the floods in southeastern Brazil.



Technology has become intrinsic to our lives. It continues to revolutionize how we live, consume and work.

At Orange, we believe that digital technology represents a real value for both employees and customers.



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