Managed LAN: run your business applications on an integrated LAN/WAN

Managed LAN is an industrialized service that provides full management of the LAN and WLAN infrastructure at your small branch offices as well as your big campuses and data centers. Built as a simple extension of our VPN service, Managed LAN has the same coverage and the same carrier-class qualities. We can provide services over leased equipment (which is CAPEX free) or over your own equipment.

How can you benefit from Managed LAN?

Managed LAN provides you with a fully-managed, seamless and secure network.

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Three good reasons to choose Managed LAN


A reliable and safe solution

  • Simple by design
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy troubleshooting

Solid advantages

  • GOLD Certified Cisco Partner
  • Unsurpassed local engineering presence
  • Flexible billing options
  • Online access to reporting and statistics


Personalized support

  • Built-in security features of our VPN Consulting design and expert Project Management
  • Customer Service Manager that understands the specifics of your environment
  • Tailored services for the most complex cases




How it works

With Managed LAN, you define the support you really need. You can completely out-task all of your LAN/WLAN infrastructure management or only a few branch offices where local IT staff is not available. We can provide help-desk support 24/7 or only during your local business hours with onsite repair as well as monitoring and reporting capabilities available in My Service Space at no extra charge.

Reduce operating costs

Focus on core business

Increase productivity

Get ready for the future


Why Orange Business Services?

We are a global network-native digital services company
We help our customers across the globe transform their industries, reimagine their services, create a positive impact and unleash the power of their data into an amazing and trusted resource that gives our customers positive business impact. With them, we are designing the new awesome.

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