InfoVista: delivering high performing networks and applications

By integrating InfoVista’s global solutions, we enable our customers to guarantee ERP, CRM and business application performance for everyone and manage IT transformation to the cloud and unified communications, regardless of the number of sites, users or applications.

Partnering together to guarantee business productivity and satisfaction

A new way to guarantee application performance

With InfoVista, we integrate solutions that provide bandwidth control, protect business continuity, support traffic growth and manage IT complexity, while reducing costs and improving end-user satisfaction.

For over 10 years of joint innovation, we have been delivering application performance control and guaranteed solutions to global enterprises.

  • One point of contact for the technology and the service, as well as all aspects of operational support
  • Strategic Partner of the Year 2015 (Ipanema, now part of InfoVista)

Products and services using InfoVista technology

  • With Network Boost, your network resources are optimized while your business applications are protected and available 99.9% of the time
  • Application Visibility, a new option for Orange Business VPN, uses scalable InfoVista flow monitoring technology to provide comprehensive application analysis. Customers can monitor usage and performance across the network and drill down to detailed metrics

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  • Orange Business Services is a member of InfoVista’s Technology Alliance
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Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Paris, InfoVista is a leading provider of cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions helping communications service providers, mobile operators and large enterprises to provide top-quality user experience (UX) while increasing the capital efficiency of their network infrastructure. InfoVista acquired Ipanema Technologies in 2015.