Ercom: for secured sharing and collaboration solutions

As work environments are becoming increasingly open and collaborative, digital security and sovereignty are more than ever a priority for governments and businesses. To meet these strategic requirements, Orange Cyberdefense and Ercom are combining their expertise to provide a solution that fits the work models and digital transformation of public and private organizations.

A “sovereign” solution to strengthen customers’ digital security

Orange Business Services, through its Orange Cyberdefense division, entered into a partnership with Ercom to market and deploy Cryptobox, an ultra-secure sharing and collaboration solution.

Orange Cyberdefense offers companies and institutions a “sovereign” solution with Ercom Cryptobox to strengthen their digital security. The agreement between Orange Cyberdefense and Ercom covers the marketing, deployment, integration and maintenance of the Cryptobox solution developed by Ercom.

This allows Orange Cyberdefense to offer its customers in Europe a collaborative solution, including file sharing, instant messaging and end-to-end data encryption on both mobile and desktop devices. Employees can confidentially share information, both inside and outside their company. This solution, hosted in Orange data centers in France, can be deployed in the cloud (SaaS), or installed directly on client servers.

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Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Vélizy-Villacoublay (France), Ercom is a network and enterprise security company providing a real-time networks solution (Mobipass), a communications and mobile devices securing solution (Cryptosmart) and, a sharing and collaborative work solution providing end-to-end data encryption (Cryptobox).