Eolane, our partner for connected objects

Eolane responds to the challenges that we face in today’s society by offering to its clients innovative solutions in healthcare, mobility, safety, energy, environment, education, IT and connected objects areas.

Connected objects for IoT

The partnership strengthens the value proposition of OBS in IoT thanks to éolane’s know-how in connected objects. These objects are used in areas as varied as asset tracking, healthcare at home, or home automation.

éolane contributes to the Select part of the OBS portfolio in IoT. OBS value proposition encompasses also the Connect part (IoT Connectivity via 2G, 3G, 4G, LoRa ...), the Manage part (solution Live Object for Data Management) and the Control part for integrating IoT into the information system.

  • Tracker Movee, for Asset Tracking
  • Live Intercom, for healthcare at home
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Founded in 1975 in France, éolane is a mid-sized international company specialized in professional industrial electronic services. éolane has 3,200 employees worldwide and achieved a revenue of €360M in 2016.