Glovo is an on-demand courier service start-up that collects and delivers consumers’ orders made on a mobile app. It was facing technical issues opening up in new countries to meet its ambitious growth plans.

The company’s fast-paced expansion was putting huge pressure on its existing platform, which was designed for a domestic scope. The platform was not scalable or flexible enough to accommodate Glovo’s rapid international growth. The start-up needed an experienced and dynamic partner to accompany it on its digital journey.

Glovo, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, was founded in 2015 as a digital-native company. It operates in 20 countries in Europe and Africa, delivering groceries and other urban conveniences, from medicines to keys, in 30 minutes. It has ambitious growth plans in what is a highly-competitive marketplace.

To keep up its growth momentum and create market differentiation, Glovo is opening up in a large number of countries, including Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Uganda. It therefore needed a partner with a large global footprint, which it found with Orange.

Our partnership with Orange Business supports our rapid growth strategy, enabling us to bring on board new countries and cities quickly, simplifying overall management and driving down costs. The solution was delivered in four months, and we are extremely happy with it. As a result, we are seeing up to a 40% savings on our overall voice budget.


Ludovic Magnier, Customer Service Platforms Manager, Glovo

Contact center

Orange is providing a wide range of contact center and connectivity services for Glovo. This includes integrating its new contact center platform on AWS cloud, managed by Talkdesk, and connecting its remote locations.

Orange manages Glovo’s international call collection through Contact Center Access. This provides different types of numbers such as toll free and geographies, call connect and routing without any technical or regulatory constraints in more than 150 countries and territories. Billing is provided at a local or centralized level to better manage resources.

Business Talk helps Glovo optimize its telco costs and replace multiple local providers. The solution provides a global seamless voice service with the ability to manage all types of calls: outbound, inbound, on-net, off-net and local at national and international levels. Two SIP trunks manage more than one million calls per month originating from agents worldwide.

These SIP trunks are providing the start-up with operational simplicity and the power to expand and contract and seamlessly integrate multichannel communications to dramatically enhance agility. In addition, Glovo is seeing a 40% savings in its voice budget with the Orange solution.

Bringing what customers want to their doors

Glovo is a start-up that prides itself on using the most powerful and innovative providers to make its complex operational model work. Orange Business is now a key part of its infrastructure and enables Glovo to make deliveries fast and efficiently to its growing customer base.

savings in voice budget, thanks to the solution Orange has deployed