Orange Business reaffirms its brand positioning through a new communication campaign

  • This positioning focuses around data, which is at the core of Orange Business' expertise
  • The campaign illustrates Orange Business' commitment to creating a positive impact on its ecosystem and being a responsible stakeholder in society and for the environment
  • The advertising film – breaking from usual B2B practices -- will be broadcast starting today on television in France and digitally throughout the world

Orange Business is committed to accelerating its transformation, as part of the Orange Group's Engage 2025 strategic plan. As a global network-native digital services company, Orange Business leverages its dual expertise to hold a unique position in the telecom and digital sectors across all geographies.

Through this new communication campaign, Orange Business emphasizes the inherent importance of data at the core of its expertise, in the challenges faced by its enterprise customers and more broadly at the heart of society. This campaign is backed by the slogan « We turn data into ta-da ! »,a play on words that inverts the syllables of the word "data" to express its benefits.

With this campaign, Orange Business demonstrates its commitment to transform and utilize the potential of data in a secure way. Highlighting the goal to create a positive impact for companies, as well as on society and the environment, the campaign cements Orange Business’ role as a trusted partner for businesses.

Directed by Havas Paris, the campaign film features people whose daily or professional lives benefit in a concrete way from the progress made by the digital services developed by Orange Business and its customers. The common thread for each scene is the characters' wonder and surprise – voiced as "ta-daaa" – when they discover the benefits of data.

The campaign was launched on April 16, 2021, with the publication of a manifesto, made available to the press and via social media in France and abroad.

Wassila Zitoune Dumontet, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer of Orange Business commented on the film's release: As a global network-native digital services company, we leverage our dual expertise to harness the full potential of data. Our teams are working closely with our ecosystem to rethink our customers' activities and to collaborate with them to create a positive impact. This new global campaign highlights our new promise and the added value we bring to our customers by securely unlocking the power of data. We wanted to convey these messages in a simple yet bold way, in connection with Orange's brand practices."

Watch the campaign film here.