Technical Management: expert technology support along the operational journey of your solution

Technical Management helps control technical activities related to your connectivity solutions throughout your journey.

Bringing you technical support for your solutions

Technical Management is about operationally conducting all the technical activities of your solution, from deployment and integration to execution, with the required skills and technology based on the complexity of your solution.


Focal point of technical ownership

  • Designated, highly-experienced technical resource
  • Technical governance
  • Support for operational integration and disputes with third parties
  • English speaking (other languages are an option)

Technical governance

  • Enriching design consistency
  • Controlling the technical integration of your solution
  • Maintaining overall solution performance and scalability


End-to-end visibility

  • Technical dependencies
  • Possible improvement
  • Optimization opportunities






Your main benefits


  • Focal point of technical ownership for your solution
  • Experienced engineers with the highest levels of certification
  • Orchestration and consistency of technical activities throughout the product lifecycle (from simple changes to major transformation)
  • Accelerated and secured Orange solutions integration

Personalized support

  • Adaptable level of support tailored to your solution’s complexity and size
  • Local proximity in regions and flexibility with our Major Service Centers
  • Operational representation towards your third-party providers


  • Optimization of the solution, throughout your entire integration and deployment
  • Cost control as per the solution performance requirement


What makes the difference with Orange?

Technical integration

Covering service transition phase, from seamless deployment to acceptance tests and handover to operations

Technical operation

Hedging all operational phases, from changes and releases to deployment and support for incidents and crisis and optimization proposals

Technical excellence

Providing full lifecycle coverage, from final design validation to operations consultancy, performance and security compliance, and improvement proposals, especially for complex solutions

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