Flexible Security Platform, a fully-customizable next generation firewall

Flexible Security Platform gives you unparalleled power to manage security on your own terms. It comprises a next generation firewall to protect inbound and outbound network traffic and customizable features:
▪ Control bandwidth, authorized users, applications and websites
▪ Clean up browsing and messaging traffic: viruses, spam, etc.
▪ Protection against intrusion attempts on your network and your servers

Flexible Security Platform next generation firewall technical diagram

A service that adapts to your needs

Flexible Security Platform consists of a core service to which you can add or remove features. 


Controls all incoming and outgoing data flows for your company.

User authentication

With your directory or directly via Flexible Security Platform.

URL and application filtering

Allow or block access to websites and applications.

Intrusion Protection System

Protect your company from vulnerabilities and intrusions.

Anti-malware, anti-spam & sandbox

Protect your browsing and messaging flows against threats and spam.

SSL Deep Inspection

Decrypt SSL flows to analyze potential threats.

IPSec tunnel & SSL remote access

Connect your network, mobile users and your remote locations: internal, partners, etc.

Two versions of the offer

Flexible Security Platform comes in two distinct versions: - The cloud version hosted in Orange data centers. - The local version hosted on your premises. For both, we provide an end-to-end service including installation, supervision and operational maintenance.

Service management tailored to your needs

You manage your solution online in real-time: subscribe/unsubscribe features, adjust security policies, customize filter & user rights, anti-virus rules and more. Or Orange can manage your changes if you like: you make your request online and we make the change within a guaranteed lead time, between 4 and 24 hours depending on your preference.

Cost-effective protection with 24/7 support

Flexible pricing gives you control over your costs, ensuring you only pay for the security you opt for. You can also ensure efficiency by having a single security policy to protect all data and networks. And to keep things running at all times, it is backed up by guaranteed 99.98 percent availability and support 24/7.

Our Partner

Orange Business Services partners with Fortinet, a leader in next generation security solutions.