Find out with humor how much expertise counts in the deployment of your cloud solutions. Indeed, behind every great Cloud project, there is a “Claude” and in this case, with Orange Business, there are more than 2, 600 Cloud experts!

Businesses today need to be able to handle significant upheaval, compete with digital-native disruptors unencumbered by legacy infrastructure, protect critical data and applications, and deliver exemplary experiences to both customers and employees. Failure to do so directly impacts the bottom line. To stay competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape, you must meet four major technology challenges:
  • First, focus on innovation to reach new markets and customers. Innovation will also allow you to become predictive rather than reactive, creating stand-out journeys for all users, whether buyers or workers.
  • Second, become more resilient to handle the disruption of the world today, whether political turmoil, natural disaster, medical crisis, cyber threat or rapidly emerging regulations.
  • Third, protect your systems, services, data and applications. Your customers and employees have to be able to trust you.
  • Fourth, accelerate transformation efforts. You will need to address both the processes and systems underpinning your operations and the culture across the organization. New skills need to be acquired and developed – no easy task at a time of talent scarcity – to improve the adoption and use of new technology.

of organizations are either planning, about to start or currently undergoing some form of digital transformation.
Source: IDC

Benefits for you

over 85%

of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025 and will not be able to fully execute their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native architectures and technologies.

Source: Gartner

A catalyst for change: the cloud

You need the right foundation to become more innovative, transform your business, and be more resilient. Your infrastructure must provide the agility and scalability to adjust to rapidly changing markets while maintaining security, controlling costs, and optimizing resources.
Using the cloud helps you meet these needs while increasing business sustainability and flexibility. Cloud allows you to:

  • Directly map IT spending to business priorities and automate your entire architecture
  • Access compute power faster to tackle the increase in the amount of data you need to collect, store and process
  • Become much more innovative, deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver the experiences your users demand
  • Manage the complexity of security and privacy issues, particularly around data

Cloud provides more scalable storage and allows you to move data and workloads into the environments that suit their needs, wherever users are located. In addition, you can be more resilient and agile by using cloud-native apps that are designed and developed for the cloud. They allow you to respond rapidly to market changes, whether updating applications, deploying new versions, or altering features without taking services offline.
Deploying cloud-native tools means more reliable application performance, faster release dates, greater ease of management, reduced costs through containerization, and superior customer experience.


How we can help

All the cloud support you need

8,900 experts
to manage your digital transformation
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and territories served

secure data centers worldwide

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Mapping a path for your cloud progress

1 Strategy and

We can help you meet your goal of aligning technology with business strategy. This involves defining your digital cloud strategy to create differentiation, generate cost savings and unlock revenue opportunities in data.

2 Migration and

Augment your team with our experts to ensure a smooth migration to the cloud of your choice. We provide knowledge and operational support, regardless of the supplier or cloud architecture you need. In addition to the technical insights required to manage complex transformation, we also ensure data sovereignty and regulatory compliance, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), backed by expert security knowledge.

3 Optimization and

One of the challenges holding enterprises back is having the resource to manage these new environments. With Orange, you can focus on your core business while we manage your mission-critical infrastructure. We’ll also keep it optimized so that you constantly receive the right service and support and can free up your IT teams to work on business-focused projects.

4 Going fully

Cloud-native applications built in the cloud are critical to having the agility and innovation needed in today’s market. We know what’s required to make your organization cloud-native, whether that’s adapting your existing applications to the cloud environment or developing new ones using agile software methods. We also provide support and guidance for your company throughout the overhaul process.


They trusted us

Helping leaders adopt cloud computing

Cloud computing is a major part of many organizations’ transformation journey, but they can’t do it all by themselves. Here are some enterprises who we’ve helped deploy the cloud environments that meet their needs.


Komplett Bank speeds up services deployment by outsourcing cloud operations

Komplett Bank, a specialized consumer finance company based in Norway, was looking for a partner to deliver the necessary operational expertise to set up its consumer finance banking services in the public cloud.

European research and education communities accelerate cloud adoption with Orange trusted cloud

The pan-European GÉANT network for scientific excellence, research, education and innovation chose Orange Business as one of its preferred partners for its OCRE project, designed to provide its members and institutes with all the benefits of cloud.

Fintech Unifiedpost Group adopts multicloud strategy to expand European business

Fintech Unifiedpost Group had been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for several years for its on-demand cloud computing requirements. The company, however, was looking to expand in Europe and was looking for a host for new customers in France.

International SOS chose Orange to secure and manage critical applications in AWS cloud in Europe

A global pioneer and leader in international health and security risk management, International SOS decided to move business applications to the cloud to improve efficiency, deliver releases faster and allow it to develop and launch new services.


Our cloud support: a complete set of solutions

Cloud computing is made up of a variety of services and products. Every business need is different, so we provide a top-to-bottom selection of solutions to fit your individual requirements. Find out more information on each of our specific services.


As a network native digital services company, we can help transform every aspect of your organization. To find out what else we can do for you, look at our full set of products.



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