Increasing numbers of people are working from anywhere in the world, from various environments beyond the office. There has been an exponential rise in applications running in the cloud and a boom in the number of connected objects embedded across the world.

On top of all that are spiraling user expectations. Whether customers or employees, they expect superior end-user experiences wherever they are based. Every business is now a digital business. That means you need to guarantee performance, security, and resilience, all while reducing operational costs, managing complex consolidations and, ultimately, succeeding in dynamic, fast-paced global markets.

Your network is the enabler of all this. It runs the applications that determine whether your business can move forward and, ultimately, operate with greater efficiency and agility.

79.4 zb

IDC estimates there will be 55.9 billion connected devices by 2025, creating 79.4 ZB of data.
Source: IDC

Benefits for you

By 2025, at least 60% of enterprises will have explicit strategies and timelines for SASE adoption encompassing user, branch and edge access, up from 10% in 2020.
Source: Gartner

Why the network is the enabler of digital business

Networks are an integral component of today’s digital business, playing a central role in strengthening customer relationships through enhanced communications. Networks run the applications that drive the business forward and ensure that organizations can operate with greater efficiency and agility.

Speed is a key feature in any successful network. Fast-moving data means a better end-user experience, but it isn’t the only ingredient organizations demand from their networks. Today’s digitally transformed business needs connectivity that’s agile, scalable, cloud-based, on-demand and cost-effective – a network with the right technical and contractual adaptability to ensure it meets the demands of your growing digital business, now and tomorrow.

And it needs to be future-proofed. That includes being able to access cloud-native platforms that bring together local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs) with multi-cloud environments, as well as deploying software defined networks (SDNs) including SD-WAN. In addition, you should be working with a provider that can deliver Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services via its own controlled infrastructure. This will not only secure your network today but also lay the groundwork for future networks.


How we can help

Our strengths and expertise at your service

220 countries
and territories with end-to-end connectivity services

multinational clients outside of France

customer sites with deployed offers

satellite antennas around the world

Next Gen Hub connection points globally

450,000 km
of submarine cables

18,000 km
of fiber optics worldwide

Long-standing relationships with leading networking vendors

Your network transformation partner

1 Fully tailored
global support

We give you the custom, full-service lifecycle support you want from your service provider, as well as end-to-end delivery capability and a broad portfolio of on-demand services. What’s more, our global reach means you will always be covered, no matter where you operate.

2 Operational

If the network is the nervous system of your digital business, then it needs to be secured and operated effectively. We prioritize network service monitoring, end-to-end orchestration, cybersecurity, operational reliability and agility. In addition, our extensive capabilities in network, IT, cybersecurity and integration give you access to the skills you require to support your business strategies and ensure you have the network you need to achieve your goals.

3 Ongoing

We continue investing in and developing our infrastructure, adding building blocks to our open network cloud platform. That includes our Next Gen Hub, a cloud-native platform that combines LAN, WAN, multicloud and SASE. Our ambition is to be a SASE service provider delivering end-to-end SASE services unmatched in visibility, management capabilities, resilience and user experience.

4 The technology
you need

We leverage our extended ecosystem of best-of-breed technology partners to build our next-generation network-as-a-service portfolio, using software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). This will enable you to up-scale and down-scale resources on demand and give you centralized visibility and control over every element of your network today and in the future.


They trusted us

Helping leading businesses build the network of the future

We’ve helped many enterprises transform their networks to become cloud-ready and enablers of their digital businesses. Here are a few we’ve supported.


Mars enhanced global connectivity with an integrated network, SD-WAN and sourcing solution

Mars Incorporated built an SD-WAN with MSI security to support its growth over the next 10 years.

Global powerhouse Siemens migrates its network infrastructure to SDN technology

Siemens migrated to a secure, Internet-driven SDN environment to enhance communications and lower costs across its global organization.

BNP Paribas deploys SD-WAN technology to more than 1,800 branches in France

The Group chose Orange Business to provide end-to-end support to migrate branches in France to SD-WAN technology.


Building the network of the future

Our extensive connectivity portfolio provides the flexibility, performance and security required by your highly variable cloud, big data, IoT and mobile workloads. We deliver all of our solutions within budget for your convenience at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.


As a network native digital services company, we can help transform every aspect of your organization. To find out what else we can do for you, look at our full set of products.


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