Get ready in 100 seconds – Digital Voice

It takes around 100 seconds to brush my teeth in the morning or to boil a kettle for a cup of tea in the evening. However, for anyone who enjoys running middle and long distances, 100 seconds is no time at all.

I enjoy Saturday morning Parkrun with my family, and I don’t think I can manage to tie my shoes and be ready to start in 100 seconds! Even the Kenyan Olympic Champion and World Record Holder David Rudisha takes just over 100 seconds to run 800m.

An 800m race, which is two laps around the stadium track, shares some similarities in how Orange Business customers are able to start a new service using Orange Digital Voice.

How Orange Digital Voice works:

1) In just a few seconds, our customers can request a new number from a selection of hundreds of locations across the globe. Lap 1 completed.

2) Then, the Orange intelligent network will start working in the background to deliver number activation in less than 100 seconds. Lap 2 completed. Finish line.

Additionally, some people prefer running outdoors in the countryside, while others enjoy running on an indoor track. In the same way, to access Digital Voice functionality, our customers’ customers have the choice of using Digital Voice from within the web portal or from the outside via the API.


Create, consult and manage sites into a single place


Digital Voice supports Orange customers on SIP Voice over IP, Contact Center Access numbers and Call Collection numbers with full access to Orange digital capabilities. Digital Voice enables our customers to create, consult and manage sites from a single place. They can control local services, such as Outboundtraffic or Inbound traffic and manage hundreds of options.

Orange customers can choose, in real time, from thousands of telephone numbers of different types, available in hundreds of cities across dozens of countries. When they need to activate a new number for a new office, launch a new service, or even respond to an emergency situation that requires additional contact center routing, they know that they can find and receive the right type of number for their needs from the Orange portal.

Using the same My Service Space web portal that provides up-to-date information on the state of the data network, our customers can access the unmatched Orange voice coverage.

My Service Space


Orange SIP trunks are available in 164 countries. Our Call Collect service can be used in 150 countries and our Local Voice solutions have been launched in 28. We are experts here – we have almost half a million business numbers assigned, and our network carries more than five billion minutes per year.

Would you like to get up and running in 100 seconds? To discuss how Orange Digital Voice can improve the flexibility and agility of your communications infrastructure, or for a Digital Voice demo, contact Javier on

Javier Sanz-Blasco

Javier holds an MBA at Henley Business School (UK) and has more than 20 years’ experience in Unified Communications. He currently works as Sales Executive at Orange, where he maps the business requirements of the biggest multinationals to a service. An avid reader and former chess player, he enjoys hiking with his family the mountains of Picos de Europa in Spain and long distance running along the Thames River.