Our commitment



Orange Business Services is committed to delivering the best customer experience: our six essentials.

We know that the services we provide to you are essential for your business. That’s why we’ve placed the quality of our service and customer relationships at the center of our ambition – to give you an outstanding experience.

It was crucial to listen to you and understand what really matters to your business. Our approach is based on six core commitments, so that your experience with Orange Business Services meets your expectations and your challenges. More than words, these commitments are actions. Discover in this video what you told us.


Provide efficient and secure solutions to support your activities, when and where you need them

Stay available and listen to you at all times

Simplify your digital experience

Provide personalized services that meet your specific needs and help you drive your business

Anticipate your needs and offer the best response: relevant information that enables you to take the right action at the right time

Guarantee a long-lasting and reliable relationship and be responsible for the success of your projects