The new way of working in the future starts today

Remote working or even an entirely remote workforce has become an operational necessity, clearly illustrated by recent events. This requires a re-think, a completely new way of collaborating, and that means adopting new technologies.

The consequence of imposed national policies is millions of people working from home. Virtual meetings have become the new reality, and working together seamlessly is enabled by collaboration platforms and screen sharing. Apps and collaboration tools are more than just a way of saving time and reducing travel costs, virtual team building is an absolute necessity.

And that’s only the workforce. How do organizations have the ability and agility to scale their internal customer services and contact center operations and keep them running efficiently and effectively during a crisis?

With our secure-by-design solutions, including unified messaging, voice and video across all devices, we help you enable your employees to work remotely with greater connectivity and better user experiences.

of employees are likely to work remotely at least some of the time post-coronavirus pandemic.

2020 Gartner HR Survey


How to maximize remote working and collaboration during disruption

Based on customer examples, this webinar showcases best approaches for remote working and collaboration. Discover our recommendations on what actually works, find the best approach for your business and learn how you can implement a solution right now.

  • How quickly can virtual offices be set up?
  • What about migrating in-house contact centers to the cloud?
  • What are the best tools for collaboration?

Speakers: Stephane Minana, Head of Enriched Interaction and Collaboration Europe, Orange Business Services; Serge Schertzer, Enriched Interaction and Collaboration, Global Operational Marketing, Orange Business Services; Bob Smart, Senior Business Manager, Orange Cloud for Business


Working from home is the new normal. What steps are organizations taking to adapt?


Ensuring maximum collaboration performance in an environment of disruption

Since the global lockdown started, working from home is the new normal for many employees around the world, as enterprises are seeking to protect the health of workers and comply with government rules. This report illustrates the steps organizations can take to adapt to the new remote-working landscape and how they’re beginning to define their new operating models to be more user-centric post-pandemic.

In our webinar report, Ensuring maximum collaboration performance in an environment of disruption, you'll discover the 10 most useful tips for boosting your organization’s business performance in the post-COVID world.


Controlling building operations from your fingertips

We have heard from many building facilities managers that they struggle to control various aspects of their estates without compromising the comfort of the employees utilizing them. This issue can be solved with our Interactive Office Hypervisor Control Management Platform.

Our Hypervisor Control Management Platform draws in data from all building operational systems onto a dashboard where the performance can be monitored and analyzed – energy consumption, the use of office space, access rights for employees and visitors, and much more – essential for employees when they start returning to the office. The platform also employs machine learning and AI to predict and plan for future in-building events or requirements.

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