Corporate social responsibility

At Orange, we believe that digital technology is a powerful tool for economic, social and environmental change, and each plays an equal role in our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

Digital technology needs to accelerate progress for everyone on the planet, and our social innovation, entrepreneurship and innovative digital services are designed to meet everyone’s needs. Our CSR policy guides our strategy, investments and innovations to allow us to produce sustainable value for society, thereby contributing to economic and social development. We strive to promote energy and ecological transition and this includes being a responsible purchaser throughout the entire procurement chain.

In addition, our CSR policy directs how we nurture and develop talent throughout our organization, and we are proud to be seen as a Top Employer by independent analysts. We support autonomy, digitization and professional equality and equal pay. We welcome diversity and look to integrate disabled workers in the workplace.

Our CSR policy is what makes us stand out as a company. It makes us more agile, innovative and able to meet the demands of our stakeholders and customers.

Orange Group has once again been named Top Employer Global
This prize recognizes the work of all the human resources teams at Orange across the world and confirms our employees’ high level of commitment to the company. In total, 32 Orange countries and territories on five continents within the Group’s footprint were involved in the process and made it a success.
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E-waste management
We have a very strong commitment to reduce electronic waste (e-waste). With that in mind, it is a top priority to take back products we sold and destroy them in a safe manner.
India E-waste management program

Promote energy and ecological transition
An ambitious environmental management system
CSR in our purchasing policy and our supplier relations

Empower confidence in entering the digital world
Corporate cyberdefense strategies
Support for security issues
Effective cyberdefense systems based on companies' vulnerabilities
Protection for businesses' most valuable assets
Monitoring, responding, remedying

Contribute to economic and social development
Support for social innovation and entrepreneurship
Development of innovative services

Serve as a top employer
Autonomy at work
Training and development
Professional equality and equal pay
Integration of disabled workers