Mobile workplace devices are the enablers of business today. In offices, warehouses, factories, production lines, retail units, at home, on the road and in the field, office and frontline workers equipped with mobile devices are the key to driving digital success: capturing data at the edge and keeping mission-critical workflows running. If they cannot connect or their devices are compromised, they cannot do their jobs – and their employers will struggle to function.

These devices have to be secure. Weak or poor device security is an open window for bad actors to penetrate corporate networks, while lost devices risk data leaks. They must be managed better: firstly, you must match the device to the worker, enabling them to do their jobs in the way that suits them. They have to be optimized: their role as accurate and fast gatherers of critical data is dependent on devices operating at an optimum level.
Keeping these devices online and operational is complex, costly, and overwhelming for stretched central functions. The question of who takes responsibility for acquiring and provisioning devices, who looks after managing contracts, ensuring services meet users’ needs, and who pays the bills are a constant source of frustration within many enterprises.


of the global workforce are deskless workers.

Source: Emergence


Benefits for you

Simplifying the management of enterprise mobility

To meet your mobility needs, you need to access a range of solutions that simplify the global management of your mobility services and devices. These include unified endpoint management (UEM), telecom expense management (TEM), contract management, incident and request management, and multisourcing service integration (MSI) to harmonize the management of multiple suppliers and vendors.

UEM enables the management, security and optimization of mobile devices, wherever they are. It can manage smartphones, laptops, smart glasses, tablets, and barcode readers, using iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. Operating system upgrades and patches can be consistently rolled out, with little or no user input required; compromised or lost devices can be remotely wiped and blocked from accessing critical data or networks; assets can be registered, monitored, activated and deactivated; and the need for specialist mobility skills in central IT functions is reduced, if not removed completely.

Simplifying the management of enterprise mobility


of organizations plan to begin modernization by equipping workers with mobile devices.

TEM makes it easier to optimize and automate the management of telecom services, providing central visibility to control international costs better, no matter how many local operators your company uses. Contract management improves vendor performance by providing contractual oversight to ensure that the promised services are delivered. Operational, financial and contractual KPIs outlined in mobile service provider contracts are monitored to identify any KPI deviations, gaps, duplications and opportunities for improvement.

Incident and request management allows companies to have a centralized and automated procedure for ordering mobile services and managing incidents by integrating with Orange’s ITSM platform. MSI gives enterprises a way of managing services and technologies from multiple vendors. In mobility, it brings together your entire mobile estate, managing it on your behalf, with automated tools and processes to accurately measure performance and ensure devices meet the needs of your users.

All of this needs to have the scale to operate internationally, supporting local teams without duplicating efforts.


How we can help

Why Orange Business?

countries with direct mobile network access across Europe, Africa and Middle East and 100+ others through our partnerships in the FreeMove Alliance

Global Mobility Service Desk and Service Management teams

Device Management Premium UEM solution

with leading mobility solution vendors to meet changing technology needs

Delivering the mobile experience for the mobile enterprise

1 Manage, configure and secure devices, applications and content

Orange managed device services and UEM enable all employees – office workers, frontline workers, field workers – to securely share and access corporate data and apps from any device and place. This ensures business productivity while maintaining security and user privacy.

2 Remove complexity, improve efficiencies and increase value

Mobility management can be complex, especially for global corporations where mobility is often decentralized, with multiple contract terms and services from different suppliers in multiple countries. With an enterprise-wide mobile strategy based on Multisourcing Service Integration, you can manage mobility centrally, like any other IT service. This allows you to simplify operations and optimize costs by removing the complexity of managing multiple mobile service providers.

3 Centrally manage mobile spend and performance from all your sites

With our TEM solutions, you can see total usage and costs in each country, enforcing a mobility policy based on best practices down to the end users, wherever they may be.

4 Full global connectivity with around-the-clock monitoring

Our global networks, both directly managed and via partners, support mobile access in more than 100 countries. At the same time, a dedicated team of mobility experts includes a 24/7 Global Mobility Service Desk to manage and monitor your devices and connectivity.


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Helping global enterprises stay mobile

Some of the world’s leading organizations rely on Orange Business to support their mobility needs. These include:


Solvay enhances employee collaboration and productivity
Orange provides ICRC with reliable satellite Internet to connect aid workers in conflict zones
Amcor enhances cost management and business agility
Belgium FPS upgrades and secures its global network

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The tools to build your enterprise mobility solution

Sophisticated attacks demand sophisticated responses. Our solutions enable intelligence-led security that anticipates, identifies, protects, detects and responds to the threats you face.



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