The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly simplifying our daily lives. It’s also reshaping the way companies are doing business. Like the shift to computers and the shift to mobiles, IoT is not just a trend, it’s a game changer, boosting efficiency, reducing costs and accelerating innovation.
IoT can provide a wide range of improvements, from ensuring better control over production and costs to fostering the development of new offers. By enabling more proactive decision making, IoT takes business to the next level.


Obtain accurate and timely information about ongoing activities

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Getting relevant information first hand is the key to understanding the reality of an activity. And that can start by selecting the right objects in the field, the ones that will provide the data that matters.

In the case of asset tracking, for instance, IoT enables you to know, when required and with fewer errors, where assets are and if they are functioning and being used properly. Locating and assessing assets manually is lengthy and costly and is no longer the only option.

million connected objects managed by Orange each day.

June 2022


Become more flexible and highly adaptable


application developers working on over 1,000 software and integration projects.

Business agility is a significant differentiator. Automation powered by IoT can make change happen fast, without intervention. And information from the field can quickly be made available to business owners for timely assessment and decision making.

A few examples? With location trackers built into products, inventory managers are empowered to prevent stock shortages and overstocks and to keep tabs on the conditions of goods. With environmental monitoring – the remote and timely measuring of pressure, temperature, water, gas and electricity, to name a few – quality control is instantly enhanced.

With our proven expertise in connectivity and specialized platforms, we enable our customers to manage their data and objects easily with integrated business applications. Every year, our 400 application developers work on over 1,000 software and integration projects.


Become more productive and remain cost efficient


It’s an imperative to which any company can relate. How to do more with less is driving most corporate strategies in fast-paced and competitive environments. And the leaders of the pack are turning that constraint into opportunity.

How can IoT help? Predictive maintenance is one way. Equipment failures require repairs, and unplanned downtime while production lines are slowed or stopped cost time and money. IoT can help predict and prevent these issues before they happen by monitoring asset status in near real time and factoring in historical data to anticipate repairs or replacement. The result: less downtime on production lines, lower emergency repair costs and better customer experience, which leads to better brand perception and real information on how to improve next-generation products.

At Orange Business, we help you connect the dots between internal processes and customer experience for a real impact on your bottom line.

An effective preventive maintenance program helps deliver savings of as much as 12% to 18% on average.



Security and reliability


multi-skilled security experts within Orange Cyberdefense.

When your business needs enhanced security, IoT can be the answer. For example, our geo-fencing service triggers an alert when a device crosses a predefined perimeter to prevent theft and misplacement.

As useful as an IoT solution is, however, it has to be secure and reliable to provide results. The data sent by your connected objects must make it from the field to the intended recipient safely and reliably. And that means choosing the connectivity and security levels that are right for your business.

At Orange Business, we know how to connect your objects safely, whatever your cost constraints, data volume or coverage needs may be. We employ 2,100+ cyber security experts within our Orange Cyberdefense organization, and we partner with other security specialist providers who can add value to our offers.


A wide range of uses

The possibilities for IoT are as endless as the business requirements.

  • Predictive maintenance and operations optimization in manufacturing; asset tracking in construction
  • Product personalization in consumer markets
  • Logistics optimization in travel and transport
  • Public space security, traffic management, street lighting and waste collection in cities
  • Energy management in utilities
  • Remote patient monitoring in healthcare
  • Yield optimization in agriculture
  • Fleet management and over-the-air software updates in automotive
  • Many more
A wide range of uses

SPS Technologies deploys smart tracking in its factory to track customer orders

To streamline operations and increase the efficiency of the supply chain, SPS Technologies needed a solid system that could be integrated with our existing ERP software, help to identify the bottleneck processes and address and resolve issues before they happen. We chose the RTLS Smart Tracking System from Orange, which helps in locating assets or batches on the shop floor in real time without the need for labor-intensive intervention. Also, the RTLS helps to eliminate human error, which causes lost product and results in rework/scrap and can lead to late delivery.

Amandeep Virk, Continuous Improvement Engineer, SPS Technologies


Why Orange?


At Orange Business, we know how to help you seize the opportunities relevant to your business. For some companies, a small-scale endeavor is a good way to start, often even uncovering unexpected benefits. We'll guide you through every step of your IoT solution, growing your project from design to fruition.

We and our partners are experts in every aspect of IoT, from the objects generating the data and the networks that transmit it, to data storage, data visualization and analytics, and we can help you reveal its potential to overcome your specific challenges.

  • One-stop shop: we combine modular, end-to-end IoT business services with underlying infrastructure
  • Worldwide expertise: we employ 400 application developers and 2,000 IoT and analytics experts worldwide
  • Expertise per industry: we have an in-depth understanding of your business environment thanks to dedicated experts and strong partnerships
  • Solid investments: we are continually investing in our IoT and data analytics offers to improve our capabilities
  • Experience and scope: we manage 18M+ B2B objects and 330M data bytes per minute…and counting