Delivering a great customer experience is critical to your business’ success. Yet, with ever-increasing expectations, what that looks like has changed beyond recognition.


Your teams have to handle a rapidly growing number of digital conversations, while delivering interactions that must be consistent and add value to the customer at every stage. A further complication is that an increasing number of business-to-business enterprises are also adding direct-to-consumer business models. While this promises significant potential new revenue streams, it can also mean companies have to establish new customer relationships without upsetting existing distribution partners.

Meeting your CX targets can be even more difficult if your workforce has adopted a hybrid working model. You’ll already know the added importance of maintaining clear communication and enabling collaboration across your workforce. Still, it is critical to be aware of the need to focus on the employee experience to deliver a great customer experience.

To do this at scale requires introducing and integrating automation, with artificial intelligence and machine learning deployed to help give customers what they want while supporting your human workforce. This all needs to be expertly blended so that you get the benefits of leading technology without sacrificing the empathy and understanding agents can provide.


A third of customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience.
Source: PwC


Benefits for you


customers will pay up to 16% more for products and services from a company that makes them feel appreciated.

Source: PwC

Combining technology and people to create great customer experience

To deliver a great customer experience, you need a strategy that puts the customer first, powered by data and innovative technology. It will need to integrate all channels, digitize customer journeys, act on insights, and implement changes in processes, technology and mindset.

You need to ensure that your employees are engaged and equipped with the tools they need to keep customers happy. New ways to communicate bring your teams closer, keep them productive, and drive faster response times. Adding quality monitoring and workforce management applications allows you to predict workload, deploy the right resources, accurately assess performance, and personalize coaching feedback.

You need to automate to enable your workforce to deliver great experiences at scale. Artificial intelligence creates immersive, tailored experiences while making you more efficient. It gives every employee instant access to actionable insights and suitable recommendations so they know what to do next.

They can focus on complex tasks because your AI-powered bots have triaged inbound queries. The bots will execute low-value tasks so that your agents can handle challenging enquires with empathy. This results in optimized costs, enhanced employee satisfaction and greater levels of performance, as well as the sort of customer experience that promotes improved loyalty and return business.


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Why Orange Business is your customer experience partner

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Your route to customer experience success

1 A partner that understands CX

Incorporating the platform needed to deliver omnichannel service doesn’t have to happen overnight. We help you navigate the increasingly complex technology landscape and formulate an effective customer strategy that resonates across your organization. With your expectations at the core of our approach, we target investments accurately to make your operations digitally-led and data-driven.

2 Contact center: the driving force behind CX strategies

Contact centers are critical to the successful delivery of CX, but to keep pace with the rapid rate of change in the technology your centers use needs to be constantly evolving. Our expertise in providing custom solutions with the highest level of service and support, combined with our global reach and flexible delivery models, makes us the right partner to deploy contact centers across multiple regions. Partnering with leading industry vendors, we embrace new developments to keep your customers happy and loyal.

3 Integration: implementing simple, fully-integrated support systems

You cannot deliver great CX if your own systems don't operate seamlessly. At Orange, we remove silos to connect your sales, marketing and customer support operations into one seamless whole. Our ability to integrate the right business applications while managing complex ecosystems allows you to focus on what really matters – the experience you deliver to your customers

4 Knowledge is power: end-to-end visibility of your CX activities

Turning data into insights is your route to a 360-degree view of your customers and better-informed decisions. We use powerful analytics to unlock the vast amounts of data within CRM, marketing automation, contact centers and websites, so you can identify the right moments for proactive engagement, tailor interactions and improve conversion.


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Helping businesses excel at customer experience

Delivering a great customer experience is a strategic imperative. Whether you are at the start of your journey or looking to accelerate your adoption, you need a partner that has done it before. Here’s a selection of companies we’ve helped create better customer experiences.


KONE moves to a cloud omnichannel contact center to optimize service

KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, moves over one billion people every day and liaises with more than 550,000 clients. KONE’s elevator and escalator maintenance base was recently over 1.4 million units. The new contact center solution spans 35 contact center sites across all continents.

ZIM improves customer experience with collaboration and contact services

Customer interactions with companies’ contact centers during the pandemic emphasized the importance of human response for overall customer experience. In the new normal, customer experience will become a key differentiator – especially in the shipping industry, which is under pressure to become more nimble, flexible and responsive to market changes.

SMI continues to serve policyholders throughout the crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SMI found itself trying to answer a complex question: how to address the emergency while planning for the future? With Flexible Contact Center, the insurance company took action to guarantee that it would remain accessible by phone and strengthen its relationship with policyholders.


Our solution

Creating great customer experiences requires a wide range of products and services. We know that your business needs are unique, which is why we provide end-to-end solutions that can be tailored to fit your individual requirements. Find out more information about each of our specific services.


As a network native digital services company, we can help transform every aspect of your organization. To find out what else we can do for you, look at our full set of products.