My Service Space a self-service portal for managing online solutions and offers

My Service Space is an one-stop portal for accessing critical information and resources to manage your Orange services. Designed for multinational companies whatever your industry sector or location, it is included as part of your overall service charge. From anywhere at any time, you access a secured portal that enables you to improve performance, reduce costs and facilitate collaboration between teams.

With My Service Space save time and manage solutions efficiently

Benefit from a fast and convenient online access to all your account details and services.

- Transversal modules to manage incidents, changes, orders, invoices...

- Specific solution page with 360°overview of your offers and associated management services:  statistics on performance and usage, inventory, self-cares.

Statistics reports

Control quality and usage to adapt your solutions

▪ Get HTML statistics on traffic and performance (based on online queries) or historical files, on a weekly or monthly basis
▪ Reports are pre-defined but can also be generated ad hoc.
▪ Monthly reports can be downloaded as a file (Word, Excel or PDF) containing a summary of events
▪ SLA reporting allows customers to download a report prepared by their CSM* (if option subscribed) presenting compliance against SLA.


Easily access inventory lists and component descriptions

▪ Access up-to-date components list of your solutions (devices, circuits).
▪ Benefit from a 360° view for each component of your inventory with related information (incidents, events, and other connected component.).
▪ The component relationships can be visualized by the Business Service Management Map.

Incidents and changes

Save time and effectively manage incidents and changes

▪ Submit changes based on your change catalog or your device inventory and track status thanks to dashboard, email notifications
▪ Manage the entire lifecycle of incidents, and track resolutions with dashboard and email notifications
▪ Navigate seamlessly between your incidents, events and inventory

Quotes and orders

Access a set of online features to manage quotes, orders and control your budget

▪ Post your quote requests (new, change) and track their status through dashboard
▪ Turn quotes into orders and track order status.
▪ Access to quote details and notifications.
▪ Manage disconnects.


Manage account data and access online to billing documents

▪ Benefit from e-invoicing, view and download invoices, credit notes and billing reports
▪ Submit billing queries online directly to the billing team
▪ Receive email notifications when reports are available

Dedicated self-care and services

Enjoy direct and secure access to dedicated self-care (depends on services purchased)


Be automatically notified of network maintenance which impacts your network.

▪ Access planned maintenance dashboard for all your sites and solutions (details of events, including date, duration and location).
▪ Receive email notifications on planned & expedite maintenance events.
▪ Import maintenance events in outlook calendars or in an Excel file.
▪ Export the past or upcoming maintenance dashboard in the “XLS” format.

Assistance and contacts

Find all you need on My Service Space

▪ Access a library of documents posted by your customer representative in one convenient and secure place
▪ Find different resources to help you on My Service Space usages (articles, videos, FAQ...)
▪ Contact your Orange representatives

My Service Space: a user-friendly and customized portal

  • Customized profiles to conveniently view user-specific information
  • Bookmark features to access your favorites pages in a single click 

customized portal

My Service Space provides a secure access

Access our intuitive online portal from anywhere in the world via the Internet or an extranet.