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Find out how Marie-Hélène Briens, Digital Workspace expert, helps companies migrate to a digital hybrid workspace.





The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. We support our clients in embracing new tools and ways of working, and help them become inclusive, efficient and resilient organizations.

The concepts of work time and workplace have been profoundly changed. Today, it is the hybrid work policy and the way it equips its staff that defines the company as an employer. We support companies and organizations in creating the most suitable work environment for their employees, for greater satisfaction and productivity.

From material equipment to collaborative suites and business applications, our broad portfolio of solutions and partners allows us to assemble the most suitable elements for each of our customers' needs. To achieve this, we rely on three areas of expertise: our consulting capabilities to ensure that we start with the user's needs and design the best solution. Then, our capacity as an integrator, which maintains advanced technical skills and strong partnerships, to make it work. Finally, our experience in providing support services to managers and users. As recognized leaders in cloud, connectivity and cyber defense, we are uniquely positioned to ensure end-to-end quality of service for our solutions.

At Orange Business Services, we believe that the value of an organization is created where, whatever it is a physical or virtual places, where its employees work together. That's why we call our range of workplace solutions Workplace Together.


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