Waterair enchants its customers with digital technology

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Issues and challenges

How can we help potential swimming pool buyers design their products? Can we strengthen our customer relationships using digital technology?

Having reached the limits of its bulky paper catalog, the European pool kit leader decided to provide its sales representatives with a tailor-made business application.

"We are in a very changing market, so we need documents to be updated continuously. The application created with Orange Business provides us with a simple, intuitive and customizable online catalog that allows us to show our customers the huge potential of our made-to-measure products."

Matthieu de Bollivier, Sales Representative, Waterair

The objective

Strengthen customer relations with a easy-to-use mobile application that can show the 200,000 variations offered by the Waterair solution.


The Waterair and Orange Business teams worked hand in hand to create a dedicated application that included several key functionalities:

  • Comprehensive and continuously updated catalog with many images
  • Ability to configure the swimming pool directly on a tablet
  • Offline mode for accessibility everywhere, even without network access
  • Ability to print purchase orders from the application with a single click

Simpler, more accessible and up-to-date catalog
The catalog database can be changed very easily by the Waterair teams. By syncing the application before appointments, sales representatives have access to more up-to-date prices, even when offline.

Quicker order processing
In the past, 42% of purchase orders had to be retyped by sales representatives. With the mobile application designed by Orange Business, sales teams can print out their purchase orders with just a few clicks, which is a significant time saver.

The "wow factor" for customers
Sales representatives can customize all of the parameters of their customers' dream pools directly on their tablets. With the application's ergonomic interface and gallery of high-quality photos, customers are able to easily visualize their pools.

Significant competitive advantage
Waterair is one of the only companies in the market with the ability to offer its customers such an easy way to imagine and design their tailor-made pools. This optimized customer experience gives Waterair a significant competitive edge for continued growth.

  • Customers extremely impressed by the new experience
  • Significant time savings for sales representatives
  • New edge to remain competitive

Waterair is a French swimming pool manufacturer present in 29 countries

  • 45 years of experience
  • 100,000 customers
  • 92 models available with 200,000 variations