More bandwidth and global device management - Marc Blanchet at Orange Business Live



Marc Blanchet, senior vice president of global communications solutions, gave a brief insight atOrange Business Live into where Orange is investing to support global businesses. Firstly, Orange is now offering the ability to manage smartphones and blackberries on a global basis - and this is a very significant proposition. Deployment, security patching and application management for an ever-expanding estate of mobile devices is a real challenge for IT directors. 
Secondly, Orange has been investing in its European Gigabit Ethernet network. Connecting 10 countries, it can offer 1GB flexible bandwidth deep into each country, VPLS with 4 classes of service (include reporting at class of service level) dynamic bandwidth allocation and high SLAs. So why did Orange invest in this new capacity? According to Marc Blanchet, bandwidth demand in corporate networks is soaring - within three years, the average IPVPN will need to be 3 times larger than it has today. Mobile data levels is going to increase even more - within 3 years mobile users will be consuming 10 times more bandwidth than today - making mobile device management (and cost control) a real headache for any IT manager responsibility for consolidating management. 
Stewart Baines
Stewart Baines

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