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M2M explained to

Build the best M2M solution with our flexible approach
Machine-to-machine communications can help you improve processes and help business units make strategic decisions. We integrate the M2M components you need into your IT environment, while ensuring the highest levels of data security.

With our experience in M2M solutions design, we can help you understand what you need to know from your machines and systems. Crucially, we can show you how to use the information coming back to improve your existing processes and create new activities and opportunities.

tailored solution

Our flexible working approach means we can design an M2M solution specifically to meet your business needs. We can fully manage the entire communications activity, from the device to your IT systems, as a complete service. Or our individual components can work with your existing applications – if you just need a pure connectivity service, for example.

From initial specification, survey design and planning, to delivery, installation, testing and ongoing management, we can take end-to-end responsibility for your solution. We are able to support you from business case, through build and deployment, to ongoing operational activities and provide reliable network coverage.

We take security seriously, and you can rest assured that your data will always be protected, whether flowing through our network, gateways or portal. With a best-in-class GSM mobile network, our global reach ensures the integrity of your critical information wherever you need it.

benefits for the CIO

We can implement M2M solutions from design through integration to delivery and management. Our solutions enable you to:

  • design the target application
  • optimize processes and costs
  • develop new applications and interconnect them with your back office
  • enable remote and real-time information
  • enjoy service management for your M2M application
  • improve quality of service for end users


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