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M2M explained to

Realize new business opportunities with M2M
Machine-to-machine communications helps you create new revenue streams and differentiate your company from the competition. We have extensive experience in assisting enterprises in all vertical sectors achieve their M2M goals.

In this increasingly interconnected world, people, machines and systems can interact in unprecedented ways. It is now possible to connect to more objects than ever before and, in doing so, unlock powerful new sources of information.

M2M offers huge business potential, but you need an expert partner to help you make the most of the opportunity. At Orange, it’s our job to help you simplify this increasingly complex world – while ensuring the consistent flow of business-critical information.

new revenue streams

You can use M2M to rethink your business plans, get one step ahead of the competition and look after your customers better. We can help you deploy M2M solutions that you can use to drive increased loyalty and new revenues.

We understand that M2M applications are highly specialized deployments specific to particular industries, and we’ve developed expert vertical knowledge as well as systems development skills. Our M2M industry expertise includes healthcare, transportation, consumer devices, utility metering, home automation and security.

benefits for the CEO

  • create innovative products and services, new business models
  • develop new revenue streams
  • improve competitiveness
  • differentiate yourself from competition
  • reduce time to market
  • develop business sustainably with green solutions
  • bring value to customers and users
  • improve customer relationships


M2M increases safety and enhances skiers’ experience
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