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Accelerate your business with a new type of hybrid network

Hybrid Network

"Our branch office employees, find their standard Internet connection often drops out when they’re trying to use IT services on our VPN. They also hate the wait for cloud applications to open and save their dashboards, data and documents.”


Balance speed, reliability and costs with Business VPN Internet Accelerate

Demand for bandwidth to support digital transformation programs is skyrocketing. This is making it hard to meet employees’ expectations for faster, more reliable and secure access to a growing diversity of digital tools. Today, branch office employees often experience performance problems using standard, “best effort” Internet connections to log onto their Virtual Private Network (VPN) or access cloud applications from SaaS providers. They have to wait for applications to open and save dashboards, data and documents. It’s particularly noticeable at peak times when it feels like the whole world is online.

Business VPN Internet Accelerate, a new type business-grade Internet connectivity from Orange overcomes this challenge. It's the world's first solution to use Akamai’s overlay of nearly 200k servers and advanced optimization technologies on top of the Internet to deliver a faster, more reliable and secure end-user application experience. This minimizes the number of network hops that traffic takes to and from the data center and remote sites and improves traffic flows.

With its five network operation centers and eight CyberSecurity centers, Orange takes care of the end-to-end network design and the build and run process, delivering the best solution to help you accelerate business growth. A software-defined solution, it's quick and easy to configure without installing any new hardware, so you can enjoy the benefits more quickly.


Many devices

Which connectivity solution is right for you?


Balance your performance and budget objectives by using the right mix of connectivity links for a diverse mix of application traffic.

Unmatched performance

Business VPN, our private MPLS Wide Area Network (WAN) solution, offers the highest level of performance, reliability and security. Support latency-sensitive, site-to-site traffic – including unified communications – and enable your employees to securely access your data centers.
Business VPN Galerie gives you high speed access to all three hyperscale SaaS providers (Microsoft, Amazon and Google), Salesforce and over 50 specialist vertical cloud applications.

A better class of Internet

Business VPN Internet Accelerate, our “business-grade” Internet service, gives branch offices and SaaS users higher speed connectivity compared to bare Internet connections, while containing costs.

Standard but secure Internet connectivity

Business VPN Internet breaks out recreational, guest and non-critical traffic faster onto “best effort” Internet links via 15 distributed gateways on five continents to minimize network costs.


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Business VPN Internet Accelerate

Business VPN Internet Accelerate

"Get network fit for your cloud future with "business-grade" Internet connectivity and meet your digital transformation goals."

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