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Voice: digital transformation

Voice: digital transformation

Voice – at the heart of the UC digital transformation

Having to wait days or weeks for orders or changes to be processed is now a thing of the past, thanks to Orange Digitalization. You can now implement orders and changes in minutes – anytime, anywhere – in real time and on your own. Our experts are still available to support your requests, but you decide when.

Delivery – from silos to a unified approach

Order preparation, commercial ordering, technical ordering: we have learned to master them all. But when multiple teams all need to touch an order for it to be processed, the overall process becomes inefficient. With digitalization, the delays go away, and the process is fluent and efficient.

Keeping your requests at the center of our focus

While automation and delivery chain simplification remarkably reduce end-to-end lead time, digitalization gives you, our customer, full visibility and direct control of your orders and change requests, eliminating your frustrations and delivering the highest satisfaction.

Implement orders and changes in minutes anytime, anywhere in real time.
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Digital and job role impact

"Look, they’re introducing a new tool again!” With digitalization, each person with a hand in processing an order will likely be impacted. But that’s a good thing, since it creates the opportunity for working closely together and for Orange to gain a significant interest in your requirements.

While transition can take time, a better working partnership and a deeper understanding of your business needs will be the results.

What it takes – the hidden part of the iceberg!

Digitalization may seem like a simple idea to implement, especially given the results you can achieve. However, the reality is a significant investment in IT along with the realignment of tools, processes and systems to deliver a state-of-the-art digital customer experience.

To create this fully digital experience, optimizing our customer-facing portal and ensuring that it interacts fluidly with the various back-office systems is critical to the project, as opposed to just building a portal that simply interfaces with back-office teams.

Digital and customer segmentation – APIs

Not all of our customers have the same needs. Some customers place one order per year, some place 10 orders a month, while others place 10 orders every day. So “one size fits all” is not the right approach.

At Orange, we offer various order management options to suit your unique requirements:

  • If you normally place 5-10 orders a month, you’ll find our portal the most efficient solution due to its simplicity to learn and use
  • If you normally place more than 50 orders per month, the portal is a convenient step towards a more practical approach of leveraging APIs for your IT integration
  • If you place only a few orders, our expert team will of course support those order requests on your behalf


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Voice Digital Transformation

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