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Business Talk

A private WAN-based voice service for international VoIP and switched voice services.

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global voice calling
Business Talk is an enteprise voice solution that carries voice calls between corporate sites and off-net to any destination throughout the world. The calls can be carried using VoIP on an IP VPN or via a voice VPN when sites do not have an IP VPN.
multiple access options
With Business Talk you can choose the connection best adapted to your needs, such as Switched Access for small traffic volumes, Dedicated Access for larger sites and IP VPN Access for sites that are served by IP VPN. For IP VPN customers, it is a cost-effective solution that leverages your existing infrastructure to carry voice traffic.
unified corporate telephony
Business Talk works the same way around the world, so you deal with fewer suppliers while enjoying lower costs, consistent billing and reporting and gain better control over your telephony expenses.

what it does

want to create a virtual private voice network?
With Business Talk, you can connect all of your corporate sites, both large and small, with or without IP VPN, and with different types of PBXs, both IP and TDM. For example, you can share bandwidth on your IP VPN to carry data along with voice. Class-of-service protects the quality of your voice calls, while allowing bandwidth to be used by data when voice calls are not present. For sites without IP VPN, you can connect your PBXs to Business Talk using a dedicated, leased private line.
want new features to help your employees?
Our private numbering plan allows users to dial corporate offices on the network using shorter numbering strings rather than international telephone numbers, which can reach 15 digits. This lets you implement the same dial plan format globally.
want more operational support so you can focus on your business?
Since Business Talk is a fully managed service, we deploy and manage all the equipment needed to operate your global voice network. We provide reports, manage capacity, resolve issues and manage multiple suppliers around the world,to provide a best-in-class, global private voice service...

how it works


Our global network is used to carry the signalling between the Business Talk platforms. It provides convergence of voice, data and video through a single IP port in a fully meshed environment, allowing every customer site to connect to the other VPN sites over a robust, unified global network.
Business Talk provides the greatest number of voice access options in more countries than any other service provider. This includes dedicated, switched, and IP VPN access (native, frame relay, ATM, Ethernet, DSL, etc.). On-net service is available in 105 countries and international off-net calls are available from 76 countries.

your benefits

lower costs for voice while standardizing and consolidating
With Business Talk, you can lower costs as compared to buying voice services locally from many different suppliers. And, because our service is globally standardized, you get one set of bills and usage reports, so you can see your savings every month and know how your network is being used. You end up with lower TCO and better control and visibility.
support a smooth migration to IP telephony
Because Business Talk supports both TDM and IP PBXs, we can assure interoperability between the two. We routinely test the latest versions and features of different PBXs, and we certify that they will work on our network and with each other. This allows for an easier and low-risk migration to IP telephony thoughout your company.
reduce costs and improve productivity
With a virtual private voice network using convergence technology over IP VPN, you lower costs by using the network for voice and data. Features like network-based call forwarding, overflow and time-dependent call routing help employees become more productive due to higher call completion.

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Business Talk includes a variety of features and capabilities that help customers make the most of their voice VPNs.
local voice services
We provide you with a range of local voice services that allows you to obtain all your telephony needs from a single vendor. Local voice services include DID, short codes, non-geographical numbers and other value-added services.
accounting codes
This feature allows you to assign an "Accounting Code" to track and allocate calls to groups or business units defined by you. It is available for Dedicated Access and Switched Access in some countries.
switched 64kbps (ISDN)
For customer sites using Dedicated Access and Switched Access, when allowed by carrier-regulated interconnections, we can provide switched 64 Kbps for access to local and international PTO Switched 64 Kbps (ISDN).
Business Talk Mobile
Orange Business Services no longer sells Business Talk mobile access.