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Guoman Hotels

Guoman Hotels
Guoman Hotels
Ready for the summer of 2012



  • Guoman Hotels and Thistle: 36 4- and 5-star hotels in the UK
  • AA Hotel Group of the Year 2011-2012
  • focus on continuous improvement in customer service while cutting costs
  • goal of enhancing IT operational capability to be customer-service ready for the summer of 2012
  • renewal of IT infrastructure and applications outsourcing contract
  • hosted and managed applications, web site, messaging and security with service level agreements
  • 20% reduction in total cost of ownership
  • improved application performance, security and business continuity


A strong customer service ethic is at the heart of our business strategy, so transforming and improving our IT processes is critical to delivering world-class service, especially as London gears up to playing host to the Olympic games in July. We’ve found the perfect partner in Orange Business Services and signed an outsourcing contract for consultancy, security, application infrastructure and disaster recovery redesign as well as application and data center management.
Dipesh Joshi, IT Director Guoman and Thistle Hotel Group

issues and challenges


Guoman Hotels Group leases or manages 36 hotels in the UK under two brand names. Thistle Hotels has 31 upmarket but informal hotels in the UK. Guoman is an exclusive collection of five deluxe 5-star hotels in central London, each with its own unique character. The group has a commitment to and reputation for customer services of the highest standards and was the AA Hotel Group of the Year 2011–2012.

In addition, it has a policy of continuous improvement and was looking to utilize technology more effectively to support its staff and customers while reducing operating costs. The Group needed to improve the performance of “OPERA,” its specialist property, room management, catering and reservations application, as well as other IT resources. Specific focus was needed on security and business continuity – especially important during the year of the Olympics in London, when the Group wanted to maximize revenue and ensure that it maintained excellent customer service.

The Group was looking for an extensive range of IT services across its business and wanted to extend its use of outsourcing through an expert service provider, leaving its staff to concentrate on what they do best – running luxury hotels.


  • Network
  • Professional services
  • Security
TCO reduction
staff performance
billing accuracy
security and business resiliency
for 2012 Olympic Games
the objective

cut TCO by 20% while ensuring that the group is customer-service ready for the summer 2012 events

the Orange Business Services solution


  • renewal of IT infrastructure and applications outsourcing contract
  • hardware and software upgrades
  • hosted and managed applications, web sites and messaging with SLAs
  • exchange services, firewall, VPN access, Internet access, security
  • fully redundant DR solution
  • consultancy


the benefits


The range of services under the outsourcing contract tailored to the specific needs of the Guoman Hotels Group and Thistle has contributed significantly to improvements in customer services across all 36 hotels.

enhanced service

  • improved customer service, supporting brand propositions
  • faster access to OPERA – a dedicated hotel management application


lower costs

  • technology upgrades, increasing staff performance
  • simplified billing and management

increased IT support

  • improved application performance
  • better security and business continuity



outstanding customer service

  • focus on being customer-service ready
  • alignment of IT with business requirements


Guoman Hotels
The outsourcing services tailored to the specific needs of the Guoman Hotels Group and Thistle contributed significantly to customer service improvements across all 36 hotels. The group cut TCO by 20% and was customer-service ready for the 2012 London Olympic events, as shown in this case study.
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