Video analytics

Video analytics helps companies from different industries solve a set of business problems: tracking the availability of the goods on shelves, tracking the movement of people/vehicles/special equipment, monitor the situation in the sales area, etc.
Our solution is based on a face recognition algorithm. Cameras installed in the right place generate a video stream, where faces are captured and transmitted to the server and are compared with the photos stored in the database - thus, recognition occurs.


Control of people's movements

The facial recognition system will help you to find late passengers at the airport, rack the presence of consultants in sales areas, control employees access to the office - you can forget the pass, but you will definitely not forget your face.

Face recognition can become a part of a multi-factor authentication system when accessing a high-risk area. An additional check will eliminate the possibility of passing the card to a colleague who does not have access - the system will still not let him enter the high-risk area.

Kiosk Pass Registration

ВPasses are usually registered manually in companies that receive many visitors in their offices. It is much more to be able to obtain a pass at a special kiosk, which compares their faces with a photo on an identity document, or with a photo in the database. Automatic registration of passes eliminates queues, saves money on reception staff, and reduces the likelihood of fraud or errors due to the human factor.

Time Tracking

In companies where employees are charged hourly, it is very important to control the actual working hours and prevent fraud. Thanks to the facial recognition system, the employee will not be able to ask someone to swipe his card, the time of his arrival and departure will be recorded clearly.

This system is relevant for retail trade, warehouses, logistics and cleaning companies, and other types of companies with a large number of employees. The system can handle difficult identification such as uniforms better than humans.

Fraudsters and criminals identification

Facial recognition can be used to solve tasks such as controlling adjacent territories, preventing theft and securing frequented areas.. The system will recognize a shoplifter and help to prevent theft, warn about a fraudster's visit to the bank and help stop a criminal before he gets on the plane.

Customer identification

Customer faces can replace loyalty cards. Even if the customer has forgotten the card or his phone has no battery, the system will still identify him and give a discount.

Face recognition allows you to apply an individual approach to customers. The buyer will receive the discount alerts and personalized offers they are entitled to, simply by entering a bank, restaurant or store.

Identification by gender and age will allow you to find out who comes to the store, what particular groups are interested in and, taking this into account, adjust the assortment. The camera can be installed on an individual shelf and track customers reaction to the product, and what percentage of people from a dedicated group made a purchase by checking the data from the sales. It is possible to target people of a certain gender and age with ads on monitors in the sales area. For example, a woman in her 30s is more likely to be shown an ad for a dress, and a man of the same age is more likely to be shown an ad for a suit.

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