Physical asset monitoring with RFID

Companies that work with warehouse infrastructure, daily perform many routine operations related to inventory, placement, acceptance, and shipment of goods.
Proper processes organization at all stages of work allows business to avoid unplanned expenses, optimize its resources, and achieve consistently high performance.

How it works


The solution based on RFID technology

We have developed a system for monitoring physical assets based on RFID technology (Radio Frequency IDentification) - a solution for automatic identification of objects, where data from RFID tags (which these objects are equipped with) are remotely read or written using radio signals and transferred to the servers for remote storage, processing, and analysis.



The solution includes stationary readers, hand-held scanners, RFID tags, and our own software. Tags can store all information about the transportation of goods, mailings, products themselves, or returnable packaging usage. The structure of some RFID-tags models, unlike the printed barcode, will allow rewriting or supplementing the information stored in them, and the any-weather or anti-vandal performance of RFID tags will save data throughout the entire life cycle of the asset. Readers can simultaneously receive data from hundreds of tags. All data can be stored on a physical server or in the cloud.


Object creation and tracking

The administrator creates objects in the system, assigns them RFID tags, defines zones, and assigns stationary readers to them. After that, the administrator identifies the location of objects in different zones. Any movement will be recorded by the reader and transferred to the server. If it is not possible to place a stationary reader in any area, mobile RFID readers can be used anywhere on the client's industrial site or outside it. The administrator can track any given event or their group in the system and upload the results in the formats he needs (.xls, .json, .html, and others).


Terms of implementation and scaling

The solution can be deployed at the client's site in the shortest possible time - the installation of one reader takes 3 hours. The architecture of the solution provides possibility of horizontal scaling - all geographically distributed sites can be combined on one web portal. The solution is covered by a fully documented API and allows for integration with the client's EMS / WMS systems upon request.


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Areas of application


Logistics and management of warehouse processes

The solution speed up the acceptance/dispatch of objects and containers. It controls their movement in real time automate warehouse accounting, manage objects and storage locations, track warehouse balances, optimize the inventory process and predict warehouse saturation, as well as check the correctness of the collected orders and their sending time.


Tracking tool completeness during servicing industrial equipment

One problem in large industrial companies or facilities where routine or repair and restoration work is done: repair tools are forgotten inside the industrial equipment units. It leads to breakdowns and incidents related to human life and health.

The RFID solution allows maintenance personnel to check if all tools are complete before and after work.. Tracking can be performed both by zones of the enterprise and with the tag of a specific employee to whom it is assigned.


Airport Monitoring

In passenger areas, cart luggage is often collected and it takes a lot of time and staff to move it to the right place. The RFID solution will help reduce the time to find places where they have accumulated and ensure the right amount in the right place.


Returnable packaging management

Pallets, plastic containers, gas cylinders, boxes for a valuable cargo, and carts for mailing are all used repeatedly and often unscheduled between company facilities, disrupting business processes. Tracking the movement of containers, the timeliness of collection, return, repair, and cleaning with RFID solution will help keep company processes consistent and eliminate unplanned expenses.  

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