Labor protection

In addition to fulfilling the main business activities, companies operating in hazardous work face the tasks of protecting human health and reducing financial, legal, reputational, organizational, and compliance risks (non-compliance with external and internal standards and requirements). Therefore, the concept of Vision Zero, or Zero injury, is relevant for them. Our solution helps to keep it going: eliminate emergencies completely, ensure the safety, health, and well-being of workers at all levels of production.

Labor protection in highly hazardous areas is not just a necessity, but an opportunity to stay ahead of competitors in conditions of tightening responsibilities for employees' lives.

The system consists of three main elements: tags, anchors and server software. Mobile wearable devices, or tags, are used to monitor objects positioning in real time. Anchors, or fixed base stations, are installed in the area to supervise. Anchor data is then transmitted to the web server which uses it to identify the tracked objects and position them on a map.

Monitoring location of employees

High-precision positioning (with an accuracy up to 30 cm, 2D and 3D positioning using UWB, BLE, GPS/GLONASS technologies) makes it possible to accurately determine location of employees inside the building, track their movement and immobility, falls and slips.

You can also control whether employees have the necessary qualifications to stay in a hazardous area, confirm admission, and calculate the time spent in such an area. If an incident occurs, the system is able to send a message that goes to the operator, foreman or colleagues.

Vehicle control also permits to assign vehicles to a specific driver, track his movements and work time.

For greater efficiency, we integrate a movement control system with ACS, warehouse management systems and a video surveillance system.


Prevention of special equipment collisions and accidents

The approach system helps to avoid collisions with special equipment and accidents with people. It conducts circular monitoring of the area around the vehicle and signals about any dangerous approach to a person.

In those cases, it is possible to configure automatic reduction of the vehicle speed, down to a complete stop. The system also alerts the driver when there are people in the blind spots. In addition, with its help, it is possible to avoid collisions between vehicles and with stationary objects.


Personal protective equipment usage monitoring

Wearing personal protective equipment in hazardous industries is important not only for compliance with labor protection standards but also for personal safety.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the person has the entire PPE set required for a particular type of work. The monitoring system allows you to monitor PPE presence on the employee in real time using the employee's personal protective equipment.

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