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Wherever you go next, digitally transform your business and stay ahead of the competition with our services, people and technology.


1. Fast multi-market growth


Operating offices in a new country is stressful enough without having to worry about the information technology (IT) infrastructure. Did you know that encrypting communications in some countries could see the directors end up in jail and that others won’t allow you to make any VoIP calls? In some locations you might have to wait for up to six months to get a connection or face lengthy delays and punitive charges on the import of essential equipment. 

We can help you navigate your way through the complexities of communications regulations, import rules and local installation with our extensive global team. Our solutions can help you be responsive and react quickly to business demands by seamlessly integrating new locations and acquisitions into your infrastructure.

We have over 50 years of experience helping companies across the world expand, enter new markets and launch new services. To accelerate time to market, we provide IT solutions that can bring new sites online in as little as three weeks. Our global and local teams can deploy new technologies and power your digital transformation in virtually any location.


Meeting customer demand


With a focus on high-growth markets, Akzo-Nobel needed secure and scalable IT infrastructure services for 50,000 employees across 1,200 sites in dozens of countries.
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Lloyd's Register
Lloyd’s Register relies on its network for the rapid, secure movement of information and knowledge transfer to support its clients wherever they are. It uses an Orange global WAN to connect 226 sites in 68 countries and Internet gateways at five locations worldwide.
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Orange has helped SIA create a single operating network at a European level to simplify payment communication between merchants and banks. The Orange network collects traffic from 60,000 POS systems worldwide and forwards it to SIA data centers.
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How we help


Our global-local approach allows you to develop a consistent global strategy and execute it locally. We can help you be more responsive to business demands by rapidly bringing new sites and acquisitions online, wherever they are located.

  • Exceptional coverage: unrivaled global network reach and managed Internet services via our hybrid network

  • Instant infrastructure: rapid access to cloud services from new locations with our cloud-ready network and applications

  • Virtual enterprise: seamless integration of new acquisitions and offices into your business and IT infrastructure

  • Global presence: five major service centers worldwide plus around-the-clock service support available locally

  • Local knowledge: field engineers in 160 countries with a full understanding of local languages, culture, regulatory and political landscapes

  • Global teaming: key strength of working across multiple geographies


2. Borderless collaboration


Communications networks have transformed how global companies can work together. Now at a moment’s notice, teams from across the world are able to work together on a common goal. Modern collaboration technologies allow you to pool the best resources wherever they are located and tap into the synergies created by different cultures working together. The different perspectives they provide can spark the innovation every company craves.

But these synergies don’t happen automatically. Although the world is shrinking, you need to overcome significant challenges including cultural differences, trust issues and time zones. We provide technology and multichannel communications systems that can help you overcome these barriers.

We can coach your users to get the most out of a mix of communications tools: ask a quick question with an IM, share screens to collaborate on a presentation, and switch to video to demonstrate a prototype. All of these tools together help build trust between co-workers and create better functioning multicultural teams – irrespective of whether they are on different continents or down the hall.


Webinar: empowering cross-cultural teams with digital


Collaboration across time zones and cultures is an inevitable consequence of the growing globalization of business and wide use of communication tools. To help understand how digital can help overcome certain cultural differences, Fons Trompenaars – one of the best-known commentators on this topic – hosted an Orange Business Services webinar.
He spoke about the three dimensions of cultural differences that affect how people use communication and collaboration tools and gave guidance to find the best ones to help reconcile these cultures.









Powering digital transformation

Ontex was experiencing rapid growth and had relocated its headquarters. To improve international collaboration and productivity, it deployed an Orange-managed Business Together solution based on Microsoft Lync for 1,100+ users across 25 sites in 10 countries.
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Ondeo IS
With 650 employees operating across Europe, Ondeo is a leading specialist in sustainable water management. It deployed Orange Business Together as a Service to improve collaboration between employees at over 60 diverse sites across Europe.
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Lorentzen & Stemoco
Shipbroking specialist Lorentzen & Stemoco has over 100 consultants based in offices in eight major cities worldwide. To equip its employees with a communications platform and call quality suited to this dynamic market, it upgraded its VPN for voice and deployed fully-managed VoIP from Orange.
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How we help


We are a recognized leader in providing digital workspaces to employees wherever they are located.

  • Digital workspace: we deliver unified communications, mobility, videoconferencing and cloud services anywhere in the world
  • Consulting: our professional services team can help you choose the most appropriate technologies to drive multicultural collaboration across the business
  • Project management: we successfully manage change every day to help you respond to your shifting business needs
  • Digital coach: we provide essential end-user training to help you gain the most from collaboration tools


Webinar: Empowering cross-cultural teams with digital

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3. Business as usual across boundaries


Despite the current slowdown in emerging markets, they continue to offer massive opportunities, with consumption expected to nearly triple to $30 trillion in the decade and a half to 2025. Businesses worldwide are moving to these dynamic locations to capture some of this growth.

However, ensuring the smooth running of network and IT infrastructure can be a challenge in emerging markets and remote locations. The more places you operate from, the wider the risks to your business. From one day to the next, you are at risk from: natural disasters, such as flooding and earthquakes; security breaches, such as hacking or denial of service attacks; and just simple human error.

Managing this risk requires both forward planning and constant attention. We have helped thousands of organizations in locations all over the world set up resilient infrastructure and manage it day-to-day. With unrivaled reach, we can keep you connected whether your office is a mine in Siberia or a sales outlet in Khartoum. Our award-winning service management incorporates the people, processes and tools to keep you operational through anything the world can throw at you.


How do you sustain business continuity for a ministry of foreign affairs everywhere in the world?


The CIO of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an Orange Field Engineer talk about how they faced an incredible challenge: to modernize the network infrastructure of the ministry in 140 countries within six months. Watch the video >




On the ground support

To keep up with its rapid growth, pan-African bank Ecobank chose an Orange-managed MPLS network with customer service management and 24x7 monitoring, which delivers security and scalability, along with reduced costs and TCO.
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For Cotecna, a world-leading trade inspection, security and certification services company, Orange developed a  global M2M solution that improves border control security, reduces fraud and increases Government revenue.
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Dacom uses an Orange M2M solution to improve arable agricultural yields worldwide. The global solution covers 30 countries, including Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan and New Zealand, with tens of thousands of SIM M2M connections worldwide.
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Saudi Arabian Airlines
To supports its international growth ambitions, Saudi Arabian Airlines needed to easily integrate new countries and destinations, while enhancing customer service. This was delivered with an integrated Orange and SITA IP infrastructure and best-in-class contact center.
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How we help


Our business continuity strategy is built on three pillars: people, infrastructure and equipment, and processes.

  • Unrivaled network connectivity: connections wherever you want to do business
  • Resilient infrastructure: the most diverse infrastructure available to ensure the continuity of our communications services, including diverse submarine cables, satellite connectivity and network path control
  • Security: extensive security services, including our cyberSOC, which is dedicated to detecting and preventing cyber attacks
  • Service management: global 24x7 support with our five major service centers (MSCs) based in Brazil, Egypt, France, India and Mauritius
  • Field support: on-the-ground field engineer support in over 160 countries to keep equipment running smoothly on the ground
  • Processes: shared common ITIL-aligned processes throughout our service centers and ISO 9K/20K/27K/14K certifications

Turn new markets into core markets


BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and Africa represent high potential markets for international companies. Orange Business Services has been supporting economical development in these locations for many years.







World-class network and IT services
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The most dynamic country among the BRICs
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Full range of network and integration services
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Twenty-five years of in-country experience
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The bright continent
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