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what is UCaaS?


Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, represents the coming together of two hot topics that together enable new ways of working and new ways of giving employees the tools they need to get their jobs done.

UCaaS = Unified Communications + as a Service

Unified communications are all the tools employees need to work with other employees: telephone, email, voicemail, instant messaging and conferencing.

"As as service" is a way of buying these capabilities – you enjoy the service, while someone else does the work.


benefits for everyone


IT management

  • be a business enabler by giving end users and the business the capabilities they want and need
  • benefit from new technology without the need to invest in equipment or manage it
  • enjoy an OPEX model and predictable costs


business management

  • keep employees happy and productive
  • make your business agile and move quickly anywhere in the world
  • count on predictable costs tied to business success


employees and end users

  • work whenever and wherever you want
  • BYOD – with security
  • achieve a better work-life balance


trends and drivers


UCaaS Infographic

We’ve built an infographic to show some of the trends and drivers you should be aware of.

See the full version here.




UCaaS blogs


Read what the Orange UCaaS experts are saying in their blogs on unified communications and collaboration.


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UCaaS assessment tool

In just two minutes, see how you compare with your peers and receive a personalized assessment and recommendations.



download the white paper


UCaaS IDC white paper

This IDC white paper explores the market for UCaaS, the deployment challenges, and how to overcome them to get the benefits.

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