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Global brands especially acknowledge that they need to be accessible to customers across many channels.


It can be extremely costly for a consumer to call into a customer service line that is based in another geographic location. In the UK, the use of non-geographic telephone numbers has been a major cause of bill shock to callers and companies alike.

Pollster YouGov found that 49% of mobile users have been surprised by how much they have been charged for calling non-geographic numbers, and 90% believe organizations should make the cost of these calls clearer or completely eliminate them. According to Ofcom, UK consumers annually paid around £1.9 billion for calls to non-geographic numbers, which is why there is now a move by progressive companies to international toll-free numbers.


do you have customers around the world?

With Contact Center Access, you can establish and maintain a set of telephone numbers including Freephone or Toll free around the world for your customers. Calls coming into those numbers can be delivered to contact centers anywhere in the world. You can manage all this with a single provider and a unified infrastructure.

need to use different types of access numbers?

With Contact Center Access, you can choose from multiple types of access numbers depending on your business and locations:
  • standard toll (PSTN): a number with distance-sensitive charging
  • toll-free: a number recognized as a toll free number with a 0800 prefix format in most countries
  • UIFN: a toll free number with the same format everywhere it is implemented
  • toll-share: a number for which the cost of the calls is shared between the caller and the called party
  • revenue share: a number for which the caller pays a fixed rate, higher than the fixed regular national rate. In this case, you receive a share of the revenue

need to provide your customers worldwide with access to your contact centers?

You can give your customers a global toll-free number to call for sales and support regardless of their location because Contact Center Access offers the broadest global coverage and a variety of access methods (local number, toll-free, international toll free, toll-share, etc.).

need to give your agents more time for real value-added activities?

Contact Center Access works in conjunction with advanced value added services such as Network Contact Manager and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a caller self-service tool that provides automatic, flexible and customized answers to simple or complex customer requirements, optimizing call treatment and staff allocation across distributed call centers and giving your agents more time for real value-added calls and activities.


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