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Our approach

Digital transformation is a major driver of growth. In our ultra-connected world, you need to protect yourself from increasingly complex and sophisticated cyber threats.

From customer and employee account credentials to financial information and Intellectual Property, the range of data assets enterprises need to secure have never been so numerous.

Orange Cyberdefense protects your most valuable data assets and minimizes the impact of attacks on your business through a comprehensive and proactive approach to security.

We help to define your security strategy, implement and operate it using:

  • Threat intelligence to understand what hackers know about your business
  • An epidemiology lab to identify the weak signals that indicate new types of attack are emerging and define the best response
  • A CERT (Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team) to help you recover quickly and anticipate future attacks.

Secure your digital content

  • Benefit from new cloud, mobile, IoT and big data solutions in a secure way
  • Fight emerging threats to protect your employees, customers and reputation while ensuring regulatory compliance

Protect your sensitive assets

  • Ensure your security governance policy extends all employees and partners on a global basis
  • Define your real-time access management strategy

Understand your risks

  • Implement a multi-layered security strategy to identify your security vulnerabilities
  • Be aware of hackers and malicious software threatening your network

Deal quickly with security incidents

  • Correlate suspicious behaviors and incidents to detect attacks and respond quickly to minimize the damage


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