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Provide information quickly

Provide information quickly


Play the videoOptimize your contact center and offer personalized self-service features


Customers want easy access to personalized services and rapid answers at any time and wherever they are. They can access information from different ways, but it is often easier to get it by phone.

You can add web self services and interactive voice response functions to optimize your call handling and give your agents more time for real value-added calls and improve the customer experience.

Depending on your call volumes and activity, you can automate incoming call qualification and simple tasks to direct your customers to the right agent, which improves agent availability and customer handling times. With IVR services, you can offer your customers faster responses and easy access to personalized information at any time and in any language.

As an example, if your customer wants to know the time of the next performance of the latest movie at the cinema, with the self-service features of IVR he simply says the name of the movie to get instant answers with text-to-speech response: “the next showing of Star Wars VII is tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.” The voice menu will transfer to an agent only if needed.



Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management eases the access to information, whether on the web, mobile app or IVR.
We help you provide the good information your customers are looking for.



Managed Voice Portal


Managed Voice Portal is a value-added, highly-customizable IVR solution that provides 24/7 worldwide premium customer service.
Delivered as stand alone or integrated with the Genesys contact center solution, it offers a wide range of features, from call qualification to complex automated self services.



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