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Flexible Computing Advanced

Flexible Computing Advanced

Flexible Computing Advanced (APAC)

Orange Business Services




Highly secured, reliable and elastic IaaS solution extends from Europe to multiple locations in APAC : Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney

FCA offers a simple and comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution which allows the customer provision and manage their Virtual Data Centers (VDC) in a multi-tenant environment. Customer can easily scale up and down his IT resources to adapt the real business needs and pay only for what he needs, when he needs it. Customer’s data and applications are hosted in Tier 3+ datacenters and protected by backup and disaster recovery mechanism available from FCA service catalogues.




  • Simplicity, autonomy and flexibility
  • Customer is enabled with full control of their virtual dedicated infrastructure, with the ability to scale up and down resources as and when needed.    
  • Charge model : “pay as you go” for resources with granularity up to minute or “reserved” for more discount
  • Connection to the cloud with Orange best in class network
  • End-to-end SLA and global service governance when jointly sold with other Orange network & security offers.

Pricing indication

Full opex model for standard Flexible Computing Advanced services. Customer will be charged for basic services based on resources, support and outstanding request.

For the basic services based on resources,  FCA includes a comprehensive and flexible commercial model with three service consumption types :

  • Pay-As-You-Go : customer pays only for what he needs, when he needs it. This model provides the highest level of agility to customer as the payment based on metered usage of resources really consumed. No up-front volume, capacity, term or financial commitments.
  • Reserved : a set of compute resources will be reserved to you and you can decide to modify it in the time according to your business need. Orange will set aside these reserved resources to ensure that even during peak periods that virtual systems will perform at peak performance and efficiency levels.
  • Dedicated Reserved : in addition to the benefits of the reserved offer, customer will own dedicated and physically isolated “single-tenant” compute architecture. This is useful for some enterprise licensing, compliance and governance requirements.

For more information about the offer launch, please click here to read the Press Release.

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Flexible Computing Advanced
Customer can order 1 or more Virtual Datacenter (VDC) isolated within a shared infrastructure according to his IT organizations and functional needs. Customer is able to fully manage the resource pool (CPU, RAM, Storage) and security policy of each VDC via self-service portal. To meet specific performance or licensing optimization request, customer is also able to  order dedicated physical servers along with his VDCs. 

Orange provides a software catalogue (OS/Middleware) that is available to all customers. Customers can also deploy their own software components (OS and applications) within a private catalogue managed by himself.

With the availability of a comprehensive reporting tool and flexible charge mode, there would be no more surprises on resource usage nor  IT expenses.

The main differences from FCE (Flexible Computing Express)/FCP(Flexible Computiong Premium) are summarized as follow

  • Open API enables customer integration with their own administration
  • Customer can now customize and integrate their own security solutions, framework and the corresponding network architecture (such as vShield, vCNS) into the virtual private cloud delivered by FCA.
  • Pay-as-you-Go for VDC resources with granularity up to minutes
  • Regional DRP capacity

By default, customers will manage their OS, middleware and application. OS and middleware management by Orange is optional.


SLAs and support levels

Orange provide arrange of SLAs and support level to our customers who is able to choose the most suitable one to meet his business criticality, his organization and his budget. Without any specification, customer who subscribes to FCA services benefit standard support with no additional. On the other hand, for advanced and tailored support, customer can chose among Business, Premium and Enterprise level with respective monthly charge.

Customer may be charged for some outstanding request such as complex change, punctually professional services and so on when it occurs.

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