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Enterprise Application Management

Enterprise Application Management Dynatrace

full visibility and monitoring over today’s modern and complex business applications throughout the delivery chain

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Impact of IT on Business
We provide you with the tools needed for detecting and resolving issues with critical application performance and availability before end users or business performance are impacted.

End User Experience
Enterprise Application Management Dynatrace gives you the visibility and control needed to manage the rising complexity of enterprise architectures and demands of the end-user for fast and reliable applications and IT.

Our EAM Dynatrace solution can act as both an early warning system and an efficient troubleshooting tool to fix any issues that affect end users.

Modern hybrid networks and application hosting
Enterprise Application Management Dynatrace provides service-levels defined in context of end-user experience for critical applications, providing reference baselines for anomaly detection and capacity planning.

Real-time dashboards provide visibility of the WAN’s application-landscape and monitor the reliability of Internet paths for critical cloud applications.



benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience
Our experienced Consultants will work with and help you to deploy and run your application performance solution giving you recommendations throughout our engagement together.
A scalable solution with additional licenses for specific applications provided as needed. Performance intelligence can support all dimensions of performance management.

benefit from a centralized performance practice
Orange’s solution provides you with in depth knowledge of your IT environment, helping you to better interface with all of your departments.

Augmenting our existing service management responsibilities with Enterprise Application Management Dynatrace will ensure faster response and recovery times for user experience problems whilst also improving end-to-end operational efficiencies

  • Remove emotional and political bias by relying on a service that delivers fact based recommendations.
  • Delivery of consistently high-performance experience to your end users  with proactively managed applications
  • Manage and report on the reliability of applications
  • Benefit from early detection of any application related issues before the business is impacted and a quick isolation of performance faults, Cost efficiency and business continuity are guaranteed
  • Better manage capacity adjustments and justify the related expenditure
  • Recharge network and infrastructure to user departments based on usage
  • Supervise and optimize how applications are using network resources from various department

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We use Dynatrace DCRUM  software that  monitors every user and every transaction in the background, constantly. It is provides a number of agent, agentless and tag-based approaches for reporting on real-user experience.

What does Application Aware Network Sniffing technology provide?

  • Holistic view of all your applications & transactions over all datacenter tiers
  • All transactions, 24/7 all users, all locations
  • Web applications, SAP, Citrix, MS Exchange, SOAP, MQ, SQL, Oracle, LDAP, VoIP

Agentless Monitoring Device or AMD

  • Captures all data that is sent to it, either by Switch SPAN port or by a TAP

Central Analysis Server or CAS

  • Processes all data from the AMD and presents them in reports
  • Stores its results in an MS SQL Server database
  • Can co-exist with the EP, CSS and RUM console on the same hardware

Enterprise Portal or EP

  • Contains dashboards and consolidates reporting
  • Co-exists with the CSS and RUM console on the same hardware

Compuware Security Server or CSS

  • Provides central authentication for the solution
  • Co-exists with the EP and RUM console on the same hardware

RUM Console Server

  • Stores the configuration in a flat file database
  • Co-exists with the EP and CSS on the same hardware

Advanced Diagnostic Server or ADS

  • Stand-alone reporting server for advanced analysis and trouble shooting

RUM console client

  • Client on customer PC for accessing the solution
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