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Consolidate your communication tools for more effectiveness.

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communication tools united in a single interface
Business Together delivers a suite of integrated or managed collaborative services that exploit the benefits of unified communications and collaboration to improve enterprise productivity. It integrates telephony, unified messaging, IM with presence, audio, video and web conferencing and support for mobile devices based on products from best-in-class partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya and Alcatel.

All the collaboration and communication tools can be accessed by your staff, partners and customers via a single interface. Consequently, your communications are consolidated. Whether they’re at the office or on the move, users can access their collaborative workspace and communication tools easily, in just a few clicks, with their smartphone, tablet or computer.

step-by-step evolution towards unified communications
Your business most likely already has all or part of these tools for communicating. Business Together lets you consolidate them at your own pace, based on your priorities and requirements.Our expert consultants will work with you to identify the optimal approach based on your current situation and business drivers.
 Factors to be taken into account include existing deployed systems, services, vendor relationships and existing contracts plus the requirements of your business and users now and into the future, rather than just the existing status quo in the enterprise.

interoperable with your existing infrastructure
As a customized solution, Business Together can inter-operate with existing systems and services already deployed. You also choose the operational mode that suits your organization and challenges best: self-managed with support services from Orange, or fully managed by Orange. Orange can also own the equipment as part of a managed solution allowing you to pay as you use rather than as capex.

choosing a leading operator-integrator
Your solution is designed, deployed, maintained and operated (if required) by Orange Business Services. Our know-how has been acknowledged by the best players on the market.

what it does

want to simplify access to collaborative work tools?
With Business Together, in just a click on your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can make calls, send e-mails or instant messages, launch audio, web and video meetings, listen to your fixed or mobile voicemail, or share documents with a colleague or partner on the other side of the world. Thanks to presence management, you'll know the best way to reach your colleagues right from the start. Communicate with anyone, anyplace, anytime, anywhere.

need to stay in touch even when you're on the go?
With Business Together, you can have a single number and voicemail service for both your fixed and mobile phones. You can pick up all your voice messages from a single voicemail box and even from your e-mail inbox. You can define the rules of your reachability on the device of your choice: PC, tablet or smartphone. On any of your devices, you'll have access to all the same services as on an office phone: call transfers, speed dialing, the company directory, etc.

want to conduct meetings without traveling?
Your teams can get together for an audio, video or web conference, share applications and documents in real time on the participants' devices and store them in the secure collaborative workspace accessible online.

want to keep your company's existing equipment?
You can choose to consolidate all or part of your communication services as your needs arise and based on your priorities. With Business Together, you don't have to modify all your network, hardware and software. Orange Business Services analyzes your existing installation before proposing improvements required for migrating.

is security a priority?
You can choose to reinforce Business Together security with anti-hacking, virus, phishing and spam solutions... Ranging from basic security monitoring to the definition of a genuine internal security policy, we will make all the tools and services needed available to you, based on the security level determined.

how it works

guaranteed integration in your company, anywhere in the world
We are used to working with the leading market manufacturers: Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya and Alcatel-Lucent. Thanks to the mastery of the different technology, as proven by certifications, we can provide you with a customized global solution compatible with your existing technical architecture.

the management mode most appropriate for your situation
Based on your choices and priorities, your solution can be managed in one of the following modes:

  • integrated: you host the solution in your infrastructure and you manage it yourself
  • managed: we host the solution and we manage it
  • hybrid: you keep part of the solution at your place and we host the rest in our data centers

You can even combine the different management modes: your main site in managed mode and a remote site in integrated mode.

a team of multi-technology experts for the unified communications service
Supporting several hundred customers with more than 1.2 million IP phones, Orange Business Services has 10 years of experience helping organizations tailor the best UC strategy to meet their specific goals. We can support multinational enterprises that want to use a unified communications solution based on Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya or Alcatel at all or some of their sites, no matter where they are located, and maintain the quality throughout the lifecycle of the service.

In the specific field of unified communications, we have 100’s of engineers specialized in the various UC technologies. As a Cisco Global Certified Partner, and  Microsoft Lync Certified Support Partner as well as acheiving Global status in Avaya's Connect Program for 2013,  you can expect expert end-to-end support from a single provider which will reduce the complexity of your global voice services. All our specialists integrate and set up the solutions that we can manage and supervise for you. We also offer to provide you with dedicated, personalized support.

availability conditions
The solution is available worldwide.

your benefits

optimize teamwork, including for employees on the move
With Business Together, your partners work in close collaboration and communicate together at all times, as if they were in the same office... In just a few clicks, from a computer, mobile phone or tablet, using collaborative work tools is a snap in all circumstances, with your business responsiveness improving substantially.

keep using your existing equipment
You are the one that chooses the communications that you want to consolidate. After assessment, we create the unified communications solution adapted to the network and application architectures, the information systems and hardware already in place at your company. If improvements are required, we will propose and implement them. You’ll make better and more sustainable investments. 

opt for the management mode that suits you best
You can choose from the following offer of management modes: integrated, managed, or hybrid. Then you can make changes based on your strategy, as soon as you need to.

benefit from end-to-end support
Ranging from the technical audit of your infrastructures to project design, Orange Business Services puts teams of experts at your disposal to make sure the solution is successfully integrated into your company. With our distance learning or on-site training, you are guaranteed your users will master the tools immediately. You’ll have a single partner for the global management of all your collaboration and communication tools.

favor a global vision for your budget
With Business Together, you’ll streamline your contracts: you’ll have a single contact for the complete UC solution. You’ll get a global vision of your costs and equipment, applications and services.
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