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Business Everywhere Smart

Global and flexible mobile access solution for your remote employees to the Internet and business applications anytime, anywhere.

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unique software
Business Everywhere Smart combines a single end-user interface and connectivity experience across multiple devices into a unique remote access solution. Not only will your employees benefit from increased productivity on the move, but you’ll also save on costs too, as you’ll have a choice of connectivity options on top of 3G mobile data.

global coverage
With coverage in more than 120 countries, your mobile employees can access the Internet, connecting in an instant  to one of the thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots that provide broadband coverage in airports, business centers and business-class hotels around the world.

high level of security
When combined with our security solutions, your employees will have end-to-end secure access to your company intranet too. Mobile/Flexible SSL and Secure Authentication Services offer high security and protection when it comes to accessing your corporate resources and enterprise applications.

cost control and visibility
Your administrators can take advantage of the online reporting service and administration platform to gain full visibility of usage and set either alarms or actions depending on the traffic consumption.

global support for IT managers
By choosing Business Everywhere Smart, you’ll benefit from a high levels of service including 24x7 "follow the sun" support via local access to our Global Customer Support Centers.

what it does

want to feel at home wherever you are?
Business Everywhere Smart is a highly intuitive and automated application, which provides your employees with a simple and consistent interface and user experience. The connectivity experience is the same across a range of devices such as smartphones and tablets, and it also includes integrated reporting. 

need access from any network?
We understand your employees may need to connect using a range of local operator networks, which is why Business Everywhere Smart can incorporate the hardware, connectivity and tariff plans from other operators. You’ll have the flexibility to connect through close to a million public Wi-Fi hotspots, located in airports, business centers and business-class hotels as well as dial services through PSTN/ISDN networks.

is high confidentiality a priority?
Robust end-to-end protection includes a secure gateway (Flexible and Mobile SSL) and user authentication management to provide your mobile employees with safe corporate access around the world while protecting data confidentiality, regardless of the access method used.

need to keep track of traffic and end-users?
The web-based monthly reporting tools provide a complete overview of your mobile fleet, traffic and usage trends down to end-user. To ensure your quality of service, we also track your employees’ overall user experience via a feature that collects and reports on detailed quality indicators such as call success rate, authentication delays and connection speeds.

how it works

Business Everywhere Smart technical architecture


easy access to the Internet, company intranet and business applications
no matter which method your employees are using (3G mobile data, Wi-Fi, Dial, etc), they’ll be able to connect securely, using a single client for all locations and connections.

simplified user experience
Business Everywhere Smart includes automatic downloads of phone books and updates as well as a customized look-and-feel, whether at the airport, in a hotel or customer's office or simply at home.

Business Everywhere Smart takes away the hassle of staying connected with each other when your people are out of the office, with almost a million Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 120 countries now available as part of our global footprint.

your benefits

simplify deployment with a Connection Kit
The Connection Kit is an integrated, easy-to-use solution with the option to customize a unique software suite for your entire enterprise. It is compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets.

stay efficient wherever you are
Business Everywhere Smart chooses the best available access method (3G mobile data, Wi-Fi, Dial, etc) automatically proposing or selecting the best network to keep your employees efficient and productive when on the move.

optimize mobile worker productivity
By giving your mobile workers access their corporate applications, users can remain in touch and productive even when traveling or away from the office. Your employees can work from a hotel, from a client's office or directly from home to facilitate responsiveness and increase sales effectiveness. The optional SSL service allows an end-to-end remote access solution that simplifies end-user management and optimizes the IT team's effectiveness.

visibility and control costs
Business Everywhere Smart means you have full visibility of your mobile data usage and avoid the hidden Wi-Fi costs associated with using multiple providers. Clear and simple rates apply globally, and you’ll have to deal with just one contract and one bill from one provider.


Making travel easier for our customers, we provide a number of dial access services for remote connection to the Orange network. Please note that this is only support for legacy remote access services and does not apply for Business Everywhere Smart.


Internet and Private Dial Access Guide


This guide includes the access telephone numbers for both Internet and Private Dial Access services. These telephone numbers are provided for the exclusive use of our contracted customers. The list of available locations is subject to change as warranted by regulatory developments.



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