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Orange Applications for Business

boost your business performance


With the development of new uses for the Web, mobile and social media, in addition to the rise of connected objects and the explosion in the amount of data available, your business needs to adapt in order to stay competitive.

With Orange Applications for Business, the strength of an operator and the expertise of a specialized digital services company are combined to ensure your digital transformation and enhance your business performance.

Nowadays, the quality of the applications provided is essential. These applications may be intended for your customers or employees, integrated into your products or set up to manage your production tools, facilitate analysis of critical data or improve your IT management systems. The design, ease-of-use, related performance improvements and rapid return of investment provided by your applications will make a success of your digital transformation.

With our system integration expertise, we can offer support whatever your business needs or industry. From developing specific solutions to supplying software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, our main concerns are to ensure high performance and seamless integration into your IT systems.

our three areas of expertise:

customer experience

We accompany you at every step of your customer journey.

learn more about customer experience solutions

big data & analytics

We help you collect, treat and analyze critical data to facilitate your operational and strategic decision making.

learn more about business intelligence solutions

machine to machine

We help you create interactions between your products and machines to be more efficient and develop your activities.

learn more about machine to machine solutions



how we help:
  • we're the 4th largest IT services company in France (PAC 2014)
  • more than 7,000 customers with a SaaS solutions
  • 2,500 people working on customer projects
  • proven experience as an operator and integrator   
  • end-to-end management worldwide (global coverage)
  • unique expertise in compiling value-added indicators
  • coverage at every step of the value chain
  • recognized expertise built on strong quality commitments (IT L @ bs holds ISO 9001 certification and CMMI 3 certification for IT project methodology and management)
  • unique expertise: analysis of data collected from the mobile network


revised 7 Oct 2014



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