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Mobility explained to

Support users and gain control of mobility
With end users demanding more freedom to choose the tools they need to do their jobs, our end-to-end mobility portfolio lets you meet their needs securely, cost effectively and on your terms.

Are you faced with a growing number of knowledge workers who expect to be able to use the devices, apps and services of their choice without a second thought for the cost or governance implications? Bringing your organization's mobility infrastructure, policies and processes in line with your end users’ requirements can be complicated and time-consuming.

Our comprehensive portfolio of managed mobility services helps you embrace the next level of bring your own device (BYOD), virtualized mobile clients and mobile applications. And with our experience and expertise in global managed mobility, we can help you standardize and centralize your mobile infrastructure and services.

full range of services

From device provisioning to device management and from dual persona to virtual desktop, we can provide everything from managed campus Wi-Fi to smart profile-based connectivity for employees. This is available whether they are roaming the office with their iPad or roaming the four corners of the globe with their smartphone.

All of this is offered with the centralized management control that you’d expect from the world’s leading global managed mobility provider.

benefits for the IT manager

  • effective handling of changing end-user demands
  • standardized, global mobile IT infrastructure
  • comprehensive cost control
  • centralized management of security and service quality
Mobile Device Management Tips
Mobile Device Management Tips
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