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IoT and data analytics
IoT and data analytics
Boost your potential with Datavenue
IoT and data analytics
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IoT and data analytics


Connectivity optimizing the automotive industry

Connectivity optimizing the automotive industry

With the deployment of autonomous vehicles, passengers’ in-vehicle experiences will radically change with uses at least equivalent to those already available in the home and office and service continuity that is crucial for new "mobility consumers."
Orange is preparing for these future uses, relying on our cutting-edge network infrastructure, our proven understanding and expertise in customer journeys and our desire to work with key partners in the value chain (module manufacturers, vehicle data platform suppliers and managers and content aggregators) to help our customers with the secure deployment of the connected vehicles of tomorrow.

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IoT and data analytics: boost your potential with Datavenue


Connected devices collect and process data in real time, presenting an incredible opportunity for enterprises. We provide IoT and data solutions that allow you to increase productivity, improve quality of service, and create new business models. Our modular Datavenue offer helps you create and roll out your IoT and data projects in a secure way.

Improve operational efficiency to increase productivity

Connect your equipment to collect the essential data needed to optimize your organization and make the right decisions, in real time.

Improve quality of service and increase customer satisfaction

Use data and analytics to understand your customers' habits and offer them targeted services.

Create new business models through innovative services

Gain insight into customers and the market to develop new and innovative business models.

Datavenue, a complete and modular offer

Available both in France and internationally, Datavenue is an end-to-end offer comprising four service modules dedicated to helping you implement IoT and data projects. Choose the modules that best meet your needs:

Industry 4.0

Transforming industries with IoT and big data


The IoT and big data revolution is changing nearly every industry, which is why Orange Business Services has developed expertise across a wide range of sectors, including automotive, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and healthcare. Whatever your sector, we can support your data and IoT projects.


Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0

IoT and data analytics allow the industrial sector to perform more efficiently by taking advantage of the wealth of data available and the growing interconnection between production lines and third-party organizations.


Benefits of IoT and data analytics:

Better system performance
Collect data from machines, buildings and vehicles to give an enhanced overview of performance indicators. This will help you identify ways to improve operational efficiency.

Better traceability
Make logistics more flexible and responsive. Track all components used in product manufacturing throughout production and manage stock levels in real time.

Manage assets in real time
Supervise and control assets remotely (plants, cranes, vehicles, etc.) using connected sensors and employees' tablets. Use data analytics to predict breakdowns and anticipate maintenance.

Protect your employees better
Use sensors to detect industrial hazards and take action more quickly, prevent collision risks, and automatically send alerts.

Increase operator productivity
Equip employees with smartphones or robust tablets with digital applications that allow them to interact with connected machines and increase productivity.

Design more responsive products
Find out how products are actually used with data from connected devices and machines to design a better user experience.

Improve customer satisfaction
Deliver better customer service by offering products with advanced features like fault anticipation and remote support. And create new service models based on how machines are used, such as selling cubic meters of compressed air rather than a compressor.



Factory of the future: The IOT and data revolution

Industry 4.0, digital industry, the industry of the future, smart manufacturing... so many buzzwords that symbolize the emerging transformation of manufacturing companies as they move towards fully digital operations. With Datavenue, which features the best of the Internet of Things and data intelligence revolution, Orange Business Services is there to support manufacturers as they go digital.

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Daikin, a Japanese heating and ventilation engineering company founded in 1924, works with Orange Business Services to deploy 3G routers that allow its corporate clients to monitor their heating and ventilation devices. The routers transfer data directly from the device to the customer's inbox and, ultimately, to a dedicated application.
"Orange Business Services helped us to precisely identify our needs and was able to meet them very quickly."
Christophe Thomas, Business Solution Manager at Daikin

Why Orange?

We can help you create digital processes from project design right through to implementation. With 21,500 employees dedicated to enterprise services and a local presence in 160 countries and territories, Orange Business Services offers a unique blend of commercial and technical expertise. Our end-to-end IoT and data solutions drive the digital transformation of the industrial sector.


Connected vehicles

Smart Cities

Smart cities

IoT makes cities smarter

Connected devices and big data are powerful tools that can help governments improve the lives of residents, manage energy resources and make cities more attractive to individuals and investors.


Benefits of IoT and data analytics:

Smart transport
Improve the citizen experience and user comfort.

  • Payment solutions and
    downloadable e-tickets
    available on smartphones
    using NFC
  • Real-time monitoring of
    buses via connected cameras
  • Real-time traffic
    information for users

Smart energy
Optimize management of energy resources.

  • Simplify waste management
    using sensors on garbage
    bins to monitor their status
    in real time
  • Configure public lighting to turn off
    automatically when roads are deserted
    or when there is enough natural light
  • Optimize energy production and
    distribution (water, gas,
    electricity) based on
    actual demand
    using smart meters

Smart Cities
Digitize buildings.

  • Reduce energy spending
    by adjusting the temperature
    or lighting of a room
    using presence sensors
    to detect movement
  • Install a centralized
    management system to
    optimize multiple sites (energy,
    maintenance, security, etc.)
  • Reinforce building security
    with video surveillance via a
    mobile device, unified access
    control and more


How IoT is helping cities get smarter

Smart Cities & Territories: How IoT is helping cities get smarter

An urban boom in predicted over the coming years. Cities will need to adapt to ensure a quality of living that matches residents’ expectations, ensuring that they retain their economic and tourism attractiveness. Optimizing resources, services offered to individuals, transport and healthcare are some of the key issues that need to be considered.

Download this paper to find out what Orange is doing in Smart Cities and Territories.


Why Orange?

Since 2011, Orange Business Services has provided the know-how to support the digital transformation of cities and regions as part of our Smart Cities program. Thanks to our expertise as both a telecoms provider and systems integrator, along with our wide range of partnerships, we can respond to the changing objectives and new challenges faced by cities and regions.



IoT and heathcare

IoT and big data are revolutionizing healthcare

Connected devices are revolutionizing the patient experience and making medical staff intervention more effective. They are also enabling the creation of innovative business models.


Increasing life expectancy and the rise in chronic diseases is a challenge for the medical profession, which needs to improve healthcare treatment and patient monitoring.

Benefits of IoT and data analytics for doctors and patients:

Providing long-term monitoring
of patients suffering from chronic diseases, those unable to leave their homes and the elderly, in their homes, in the workplace or on holiday.

Collecting and passing on information
on patient health in real time, to take action before pre-existing diseases worsen and/or to control the remote monitoring of a patient’s treatment.

Ensuring the smooth and secure flow
of medical information between the various practitioners and the patient.

Benefits of IoT and data analytics for hospitals and the healthcare industry:

For hospitals

  • Significantly reduce operating costs by reducing the average time spent treating patients and dealing with administrative procedures
  • Install sensors in ambulances to transmit medical information of the patients on board in real time
  • Use connected devices plus patient sensors for individuals in intensive care to immediately alert medical teams in case of complications

For the healthcare industry

  • Optimize inventory management, particularly with automatic re-ordering when supplies of medicine are running low
  • Fight back against counterfeit products by tracking and identifying medicines
  • Control transport and storage conditions to avoid any damage to medicines through changes in humidity or temperature


Visiomed selected Flexible Computing Healthcare from Orange Business Services to set up a secure Cloud service.
"Connected healthcare is revolutionizing usage and business models. As the market leader in France, we intend to step up our international growth. To do this, we need a strong partner able to fulfill our technical, regulatory and security requirements. For all of these reasons, we chose Orange."
Éric Sebban, CEO, Visiomed

Why Orange?

For nearly 10 years, Orange has developed real expertise in the field of e-healthcare via Orange Healthcare, our healthcare subsidiary. Would you like to know more? Read about our healthcare offerings.


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