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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Orange Business Services. As a customer, you benefit from the work of our network of Orange Labs, which produces around 500 inventions a year.

dedicated resources for innovation


The Orange Labs network was formed in 2007 to manage all of our innovation and research entities. With 5,000 employees, Orange Labs combines the global reach of 15 research & development centers on four continents, with the Explocentre, where potential innovations are tested by our customers, and the Technocenters which manage the final development and releases of our products to market.


Orange Labs network


three disctinct operational centers

R&D is our principal source of innovation, with more than 8,500 patents registered. Consisting of 3,800 researchers in 18 laboratories (in the UK, France, Poland, China, Korea, Japan, Jordan, Egypt and the U.S.), the scope and coverage of our Labs enables them to detect all technological breakthroughs and encourage partnerships. Thanks to our ability to anticipate developments and trends, R&D is able to detect major technological shifts and changes well in advance, as well as potential new developments.

The Paris Explocenter, created in September 2005, is an incubator for projects with high innovation potential. As a supplement to R&D and Technocenters, it introduces a new approach based on design and co-creation with customers.

The Paris Technocenter, set up in 2006, employs over 1,000 people. The goal is to reduce the time required to bring a concept to market. Under the responsibility of a marketing specialist, researchers and network engineers work together to select, conceive, produce and bring to market innovative products and services. In 2008, around 220 products were being processed through the Technocenter, and 90% of the innovations that we took to market came from the facility. A second Technocenter was created in Amman, Jordan in 2008.


partnerships that speed technology transfer


Orange works closely with universities, national research centers, spin-offs and technology leaders such as Microsoft, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Intel to complement our know-how and speed up technology transfer. The objective is to develop products, protocols or services, alone or jointly, using the best innovation worldwide, and integrate it into our networks and services.


joint innovation


Innovation can be a two way process. We work closely with our customers to develop solutions that are tailored to their business challenges. We pool our expert resources – our knowledge of technology, your knowledge of your market and business processes – to develop innovative answers.

The first stage of joint innovation is dedicated to uncovering potential business opportunities and high-level design of potential technical solutions. This joint innovation assessment (JIA) is where Orange evaluates the innovation context, environment and new ideas. The JIA will present a series of prioritized innovation opportunities, which can then be carried forward to a pilot.

With the JIA complete, the second stage on joint innovation is focused on product development. This will typically involve piloting the innovation within a controlled environment and if this is successful, the customized solution can be prototyped then brought to market.


key achievements of

Orange Labs

Many of our commercial successes have been devised in Orange Labs such as Business Everywhere, Unik for Business / Unik for Corporate and Livebox. They have also been driving forward our work in machine-to-machine (M2M), radio-frequency identification (RFID), fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), mobile broadband, green technologies, service management and telemedicine.


strategic alliances

alliances are a universal

part of business

Boundaries are falling, markets are homogenizing and the potential for expansion is increasing. Suddenly nothing is beyond scope, but to be successful, collaboration is essential. Only by working together can businesses take full advantage of every opportunity...

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