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Improve quality of service

Improve service quality


Chief Experience OfficerImprove your quality of service by listening to what your customers think


It is essential that you can get feedback from your customers to understand them better, meet their expectations and improve the overall customer experience.

By offering them the opportunity to answer a CSAT survey, you will benefit from real customer feedback right after the call so that the response is fresh and relevant. The customer can evaluate the conversation and explain exactly how he feels about the service provided. It can be delivered with our IVR services.

Our Workforce Optimization Tools are a suite of additional services that feature recording and quality monitoring, workforce management and speech analytics and can be integrated into your contact center solution. They are also a gold mine of information for better performance management and customer engagement and provide up-selling and sales enhancing opportunities.

Once you have all this valuable information, you will be able to make the right decisions and adapt accordingly.



Managed Voice Portal


Managed Voice Portal is a value-added, highly-customizable IVR solution that provides 24/7 worldwide premium customer service.
Delivered as stand alone or integrated with the Genesys contact center solution, it offers a wide range of features, from call qualification to complex automated self services.



Workforce Optimization Tools


Workforce Optimization Tools are advanced technologies that bring together the right people with the right skills and information.
Voice recording, quality monitoring, workforce management and speech analytics can easily be added to our contact center solutions, bringing the benefits of market-leading providers, such as Nice and Verint.



revised 25 Oct 2015



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