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The freedom to work in a secure and cost-effective way, wherever you are and whatever device you use, is one of the best investments you can make.

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We’re helping our customers transform their businesses with new ways of working through their digital workspace. Read on to find all about how they’re gaining maximum business value for minimum IT hassle through a revolutionary platform that incorporates enterprise apps and collaboration tools, security, connectivity and management across all of their devices.

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taming the digital tiger

seizing opportunities from new ways of working

The digital revolution is a formidable opportunity for companies to transform as they evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century. But it could also be a threat if not tamed: the profound changes in ways of working need to be properly channeled to become a potent and prosperous source of competitive advantage. Read more in this paper prepared jointly by Orange Business Services and Sia Partners.

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JTI to move its existing communications landscape to a fully managed unified communications solution based on Microsoft Lync® 2013

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how do people actually use their new workspaces?

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Dan introduces the new digital workspace

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OVCC/Forrester Webinar:
Driving B2B Video Communications




OVCC Webinar with Andrew McFadzen, OVCC President and Henry Dewing, Principal Analyst, Forrester

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Current Analysis Product Assessment
Collaboration and Communications (Global) - April 2014

In the latest edition of the Current Analysis Product Assessment, Orange retained the only Leadership ranking among our global peers for the 4th year in a row. 

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How can organizations protect their data as they innovate with mobile working environments? Here are five key success factors, gleaned from conversations with industry experts.

published on 01.06.2014

the new IT trends strongly increase IT complexity and extend requirements for dynamic hybrid networking
New IT transformations strongly increase IT complexity and extend requirements for hybrid networks where enterprises combine traditional MPLS networks with Internet access.

published on 03.24.2014

BYOx: A Workplace Reality
The bring-your-own era is here to stay and very real. It's the reason why corporate IT policies designed for laptops and desktops must be adapted to cover mobile devices. This white paper discusses coping and implementation strategies for the enterprise to help you embrace this new reality.
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